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I am new to email marketing and just started an online business in health and wellness. I have tried some FB ads but it is not going well at all. What is the best way to start email marketing. This is harder than i thought it would be. Thanks! from a newbie
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    You can build a solid FB fan page in your niche, add some quality content, images, articles etc. then run a Like campaign for about $5/day to like your page. Then you can put together a good report in your niche and post your link to your page fans. Also visit other common groups with your opt-in report or giveaway.
    Just a few thoughts of wishes
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      Thank you! I didn`t think of the $5 to like my page idea. I have just set up a FB page and will add more content. I also have a good report for my niche already but it has been hard to advertise on FB as they keep rejecting my ad so I keep changing the wording....anyway, i will try your idea. Also many FB groups do not allow adverting so i am still trying to find some groups that do. Forums are also very tricky with no advertising allowed.....been spending hours trying to find forums where i can advertise my report....... so hard to get started many thanks again....any more ideas most welcome
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    Hi mandizw,

    Being in this industry for past 5 years, let me give you some tips on how you can excel in this field.

    Email marketing will come under the category of re-targeting, so instead of just only collecting peoples email, what you can do is you can attach re-targeting pixels in your landing page or website, so that whenever people visit your website or landing page the pixel will go sit on the peoples browser (trying to explain in simple terms, but it is way technical than you think) so when ever they try searching any products similar to yours, your ad will pop up.

    re-targeting is the present and future, which is gonna rule the internet marketing.

    As a newbie you can start with facebook re-targeting it is easy and cheap.

    If you do have any doubt, try to reach me, i will try to clarify your doubts...
    Intenet Marketer since 2012, Contact me if you have any doubts, i believe i can help you
    SkypeId: live:m.anandnataraj | FaceBook:
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      A great tip there and certainly the best way to take advantage of your ad spend...thank you as well
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        when you pay for a FB ads, do they do the pixels as part of your costs? Sorry i am ignorant or is that something separate you do with FB?
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      Thank you anand363

      I don`t think I can do that because my landing page is with launchpad and my son tells me "I need a code to do the pixels." I am still setting up a web site (and writing content furiously) so unfortunately I cannot do the pixels on a web site just yet. So I really only have a FB page and landing page to attract people right now. The forum commenting is tough as most health forums do not allow marketing......I am trying FB ads and I am learning as I have had lots of interest but few opt ins, so i am working on my landing page to make it better.
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    You need to get people on your list who are potential buyers. I know that sounds simplistic. Start running your landing page on Bing Ads or Google. Use keywords for your niche, find the top performing conversions and increase advertising on those keywords. Keep building your list. Good luck.
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    It's very easy to do e-mail advertising and marketing your products/services. I am doing since last 3 years and got good results.
    Thanks for your interest..
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    Does your landing page have a free offer just to grab emails? If so you should drive some solo ads to it. Usually you can get a little warmer traffic from that
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    Carrying out a perfect or a successful email marketing campaign can be quite a challenge. However, it is not impossible to see the face of success in email marketing campaign. One can achieve this only by implementing proper technology and infrastructure in the process of email marketing. As per your question, I am providing a link that give you a complete idea about the steps that are involved in email marketing.

    Coming Soon...

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    Your target audience for fb matters for your ad to work.
    Use the audience insight to target people interested health and wellness to achieve a better result.
    I hope this helps.
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      Do you know a link to watch tutorials on how to use facebook for advertising? Some short and to the point videos, Thanks!
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  • I think the first thing to do is choose a solid email marketing service. I have had lots of success with GetResponse. It's very easy to use, has tons of features, including landing pages, web forms, surveys, newsletters you can send your list once you have them, also webinars. For the price for everything you get, it beats most webinar services by far in quality and price.

    They also have a 90 day course on building 10,000 subscribers that I've been going through and have learned tremendously from it. So far, I've seen an increase in my subscribes. The course teaches you good techniques on list building, using good keywords for organic traffic to your web forms and landing pages, using various social media platforms and guest blogging.

    I am sure some others have had some success here. They also have a 30-day free trial. If you want to try them out go to

    Anyway, good luck with your list building and please reply if you have anything you can add to this.
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      Thank you, I will take a look. I signed up with Lurn and use their launchpad so i am not sure how different they are to get response? Thanks to everyone for all the head is spinning and i have lots of work to do. How much did your subscribers increase in 90 days with get response?
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      • I am almost half way through it and all the information is out together very well, but in terms of numbers I have gained about 100 more subscribers since I started. It isn't really about the numbers though but the increase in the subscribe rate for me. Can you link me the email service you use, so I can check that out as well
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    The thing is, is email marketing so powerful as it is described?
    The big chance is that your letter will be classified as spam and will be put in junk folder. Even if it is dropped to inbox, there is a small chance that it will be opened.
    May be this technique is effective with big email lists?
    Anyway, I don't think email marketing has a big percent of conversion .
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    • It does if your email list is the right audience. Getting subscribers to opt in and then confirm their subscription is very powerful, that means they want to hear from you and are more likely to open that email. Also build trust with the audience give them something they can appreciate before you slam them with an advertisement for a product. This way they trust you and are more likely to take your recommendation
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    I am interested in this also. I tried running some fb ads but didn't do well, even when I was doing a free giveaway.
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    Hey mandizw,

    FaceBook ads will help you get better performing clicks only if the targeting is perfect & you got to be a Pro to toggle between all the targeting options; also the FaceBook ads works really well for the eCommerce guys comparatively!
    For Health & Wellness Segment it's the email marketing that performs great! Since you are new to this platform it would be a best option for you to explore an email marketing platform on a free trail!
    EasySendy Pro is one email marketing platform for all types of Business! You can quickly edit the email templates and start sending up to 32,000 emails for about 2,000 Subscribers for Free every month - Give it a try!
    Everything is Unknown not unless you decide to Learn it
    Good luck to you!
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    You can promote your page by posting links related to your service groups to like the page, is very good.
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  • Since you are a newbie I would suggest you to go with AWS SES service for email marketing as its free and provide good inbox guarantee and your limits increase as well according to your mail reputation.
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    Hey mandizw

    FB ads can be a minefield if you don't know what you're doing. I've had numerous bad experiences myself but they are the best source of paid ads around at the moment. If you do have some money to spend of FB ads I would educate yourself first. There are lots of good courses out there at the moment that will offer support and guidance, it's much easier than trying to figure it out on your own

    I had an experience recently with FB ads that might be similar to what you're going through. I couldn't get my opt-ins under $6, I tried altering the targeting, the ad image, ad copy, different audiences but nothing worked.

    In the end it turned out to be my free gift. The offer just wasn't something my market wanted. So maybe look at your free gift and try some alternatives.

    However you should have some free traffic strategies running alongside your paid ads. When I say 'free' they're not totally free as you pay in 'time' rather than money.

    Join some facebook groups and forums in your marketplace. But do it the right way. You have to enter Forums and Facebook groups with absolutely no marketing intention whatsoever. You need to participate in discussions, answer questions and add value to the group and/or discussion. On your Facebook page or profile is where you will leave the link to your site and signature file in a forum.

    If you participate in the forums and groups with no ulterior motive then people will naturally come and check you out. Just going in there and spamming links will get you ignored or even worse, banned.

    This strategy does take time but is very effective.

    Also look for high traffic blogs in your market. Check out blog posts that have high interaction and leave comments on them. After you leave a comment you can drop a link back to your website.

    Again, you have to add value to the post. Don't just write 'great post' and drop a link. Think of your comment as a mini extension of the post by adding value. The blog readers will see your comment and naturally come and check you out

    Hope that helps, give me a shout if you have any questions

    Discover how you can have a profitable affiliate campaign set up in 60 minutes or less. The 60 Minute 'copy and paste' affiliate case study.

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    hey newbie

    dont feel bad .. we all have to start some place

    2 ways to get traffic to your niche

    a.. payed traffic
    b free traffic
    if you have say $5 to start paying for traffic you can start by going to sign up for a free account and move foward
    you can get free triffic to your niche by going to fb warrior forum reddit or any of the traffic sources out there and open a free account...make sure you follow all of their rules
    after your signups add a signature page which will begin to drive traffic to your

    talk soon
    sam f
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    The easiest is to buy traffics from solo ads providers. You have to invest a bit and make sure your sales funnels is top notch. Good luck
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    If you start with Facebook Ads, You are going to blow your money away my friend.

    Start with bing ads.
    FREE TRAINING: How To Automatically Generate $250/Day Online
    Even If You're Complete Newbie - Click Here
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