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If you had a group of monthly subscribers, what would be the best way to either, have them access the information or have it delivered to them? They would be paying a small amount each month for the following information released all at once:

1 video 3-7 minutes long
1 eBook 25-125 pages long
3 articles 500-1250 words long
2-3 pictures
various graphics

Further discussions would be, how to make it good looking and what tools/software would you use?

Thanks for your help.
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    Build a membership site using Optimize Press. It's a Wordpress page builder Ideal for marketing funnels and membership sites. It is widely used in the IM industry to deliver membership content. The monthly news emails should link to your monthly content site. You can also have membership levels and archives of all published content.

    hope this helps

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    The best way?

    Take all the guess work out of it. Ask your subscribers what format they want it in.

    Heck, even better than that, is to create content across a wide range of formats.

    Make a video. Get a transcription. Turn that transcription into articles. Then make an infographic.

    Not only will your members then be able to consume your content in whichever format they prefer, but, with this added content, the perceived value of your membership shoots up.

    And the best part?

    You're not even creating any more content than normal. You create one piece. Then reformat it.


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    Originally Posted by NewEnglandah View Post

    Further discussions would be, how to make it good looking and what tools/software would you use?
    People seem to like pictures! It might be useful to keep that in mind as you go about creating stuff, simply paying attention to what pictures might be useful. Not figured that aspect out myself as yet, just observing as I continue to learn. I'm focused on personal growth, so I have not figured out what kinds of pictures might be useful for me. But I have observed that the folks who are succeeding big time seem to use a lot of visual appeal, including pictures.
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