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Hi all,

I have done some research on email marketing, list building and affiliate marketing for a while now. I would really like to get started with my plans and learn the rest as I go. What I would like to do, is create a couple of different squeeze pages to build a few lists. I was wondering what tools I should purchase, in order to get started. I need something to make a squeeze page and I'll need an auto-responder.

Unfortunately, my budget is very limited at the moment. I can probably spare $100-200 (the lower the better, as Ill have to lend it from someone) initially for domains, hosting, squeeze page maker and the auto-responder. I understand some tools have multiple functions, like making squeeze pages and acting as an auto-responder.

I'd greatly appreciate if someone could recommend me the best products to suit my needs and budget. I have time and passion in abundance to make this work.
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    Get your domain at

    Use Wordpress on your own hosting, get hosting here (under $4/month)

    I'm thinking of your costs so try this free Wordpress plugin to create your pages. Later you could try clickfunnels or Optomize Press ( when you've made some money.

    Get an autoresponder free trial here

    Get free affiliate Marketing Training and products to promote at

    That will get you started, good luck

    Get Your Mind-set Right - Take Consistent Action
    Connect with the right people

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    For webhosting i can suggest hosting24.com. You can go for their silver plan which is 5.99 per month with free domain as long as you are their customer.

    For autoreponder go for 30 days free trial of Getresponse.

    For Page Builder i suggest Instabuilder. You can get one for 5 bucks at fiverr.Just go there and search for Instabuilder.

    This way you can start for 10.99 bucks in your first month.

    If you really want to succeed online, don't promote affilate offers first.

    The reason behind this is first you need to create your authority and respect.

    If you are not doing this, people will not buy from you no matter how good your offer will be.

    How you can build this trust, authority and respect?

    Simply by giving your own free report written to presell your own product(s).

    Most of the people do this mistake.

    They build squeeze page, build their list and try to promote affiliate offers.

    And when nobody will buy from them, they just become confused about what they are doing wrong.

    Ofcourse, you should promote affiliate offers to your list, but the first offer you promote to your list should be your own offer.

    If you need any assistance in this, feel free to contact me.

    I hope this will help you.
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      Thanks for the detailed response.

      Yeah, I agree. I probably won't send out offers until I have first sent out some free content, newsletters and built up a reasonable trust with a decently sized list.

      I want to do this right. If I do,it will allow me to fulfill my goal of travelling around the world constantly. I don't expect to make thousands, even hundreds overnight. If I can make 200-300 hundred a week consistently by the end of the year, I'll be happy. I plan on going back to India in November/December, so if I can make 200+ a week by then, ill have achieved what I set out to do. I am determined, motivated and can spend hours each day working at it.
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    The three email marketing tools that I really love are,
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    Check out mailerlite.com. It's free and you can create landing pages within the site, so no need for internet hosting.

    I wouldnt over complicate things in the beginning. Just focus on writing one email every day. You could also try building a list for free by posting some videos on Facebook (Ian Stanley is a master at this).

    Matt Ambrose Direct Response Copywriter

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    I agree. Namecheap are great for a domain name and I use Hostgator for hosting. For an autoresponder aWeber is as good as they get, and they will give you the first 30 days free. Unless you are of the tech variety I'd go to fiverr for a squeeze page which you will get done for just that - five bucks.
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    You can use the Getresponse pagebuilder as well. I didn't like it very much as it was too slow for my taste, but if you are on a budget it will help you get started and you can test how your squeezes perform
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    Get response is pretty good, you can also build landing pages and have them host for you. So that knocks out all your requirements right there. It's a good place to start just look at their packages
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    Tim Watson-zettasphere.com

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    Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
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    I think Getresponse has a good autoresponder and modern email capture page builder within the same system. Basic cost about $20/month or so but should be able to get a free trial to get you going.
    Good luck
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    You could get started with MailerLite - it allows you to create landing pages and you can build and write to your email list. This might give you the opportunity to provide value by offering valuable opt-ins on your subject/in your niche, and then using affiliate marketing via email content. Between opt-ins and consistent email marketing, you could build an audience and provide value and earn affiliate income to then build a website and all the bells and whistles you may want.
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    Hey Deano, congrats on your decision to build an email list. It will be the best decision you'll ever make. One software that is an all in one solution like you mention is ClickFunnels. Russel Brunson also shows ya how to funnel hack which is handy on spying on what your competitors are doing to convert their offers successfully (taking alot of the guesswork out). I think they've still got a free 2 week trial live.

    Believe. Act. Repeat. Succeed. Reward. Repeat. Get Richer in Friends Life Money Time

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    Hey deano,

    For your domain, I believe godaddy is running a deal for $0.99 right now and 1&1 is $0.99/1st year also.

    For your host, you might want to look at A2host as they are very good and affordable.

    For the autoresponder I would reccomend either getresponse or aweber.

    As for the page builder, you might want to look at the nvu editor. It's free open source and there's lots of good tutorials on YouTube for learning how to use it.
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    You can get free squeeze page hosting on wix.com along with some other sites. It's probably not the best, but if you're on a budget it's a good place to start. Also, for the autoresponder, I hear a lot of things from aweber.com and if you want to go with a free option, mail chimp has a free 2,000 email account. I heard that mail chimp tends to have technical problems sometimes, so keep that in mind.
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