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I'm new to internet marketing and have not found much information regarding how people with large lists avoid high bounce rates on their email blasts.

I know of services such as neverbounce,briteverify and kickbox but they are expensive when checking 50,000+ emails.

I found out about atomic email verifier which is a one time fee, but was hoping someone with experience in this area could advise me regarding how professionals clean their lists.

I scrape emails and send them messages and my bounce rate is very high. Spark post recommended I use a email list cleaning service.

I also saw that there are smtp based programs but they can get one blocked by the ISP unless one has alternating ip's and proxies? I don't really understand. I would love to get an smtp based system operational as it seems to be the most cost effective.

Thank you for any help!
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  • Your new to internet marketing and you want to start off with 50k emails. Dude its fail trust me. Go the legit route. Get aweber or getresponse and collect emails the right way.
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      Thanks AventadorDreams. I offer a local service and I blast emails to prospect new customers in each city. I have had success gaining new customers with these email blasts, but as I mentioned many emails bounce and my ISP froze my account.

      I looked up Aweber and getresponse and I would need to create a landing page to collect these emails. It seems like it will take a very long time and I am trying to expand nationally.
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    Any of the Desktop cleaners or verify'ers are junk.
    They don't work well, and although cheap, are still a waste of money.
    The SAAS platforms are going to be the best. One cheaper alternative with half decent results is Sift Logic, they are about 20% of the cost of the others mentioned in this thread.

    Also, don't listen to the people here who are telling you to build your list. While that is a strategy that does work for many people, there is nothing wrong with what your doing and it sounds like you have a good handle on it all, except you just need some hygiene.
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      Have you tried Atomic mail verified as spoke about. I believe that get's a good rating?
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    I have no experience with atomic verifier.
    I have several of my own verifiers that I custom developed.

    I removed all bounces from around 38 million AOL addresses for about $200 in IPs without any problems. Had I used a service to do it, I would have paid $1000's of dollars.

    One important note about all the verifiers you can buy, they don't work with Yahoo, because yahoo returns server codes in a way that makes all addresses get marked as valid. I built a separate verifier for yahoo to get around the problem that works differently.

    I also created a domain verifier, which checks domains to make sure they are valid. No sense verifying a bunch of addresses from a domain that doesn't exist or can't accept mail.

    Lastly, I developed a social segmenter that checks addresses against social media accounts. All matches are highly likely to be a main address that the user frequently checks / isn't a throwaway or any type of spam trap.

    In the end, I can verify massive amounts of data for a fraction of what a service would cost.

    However, If you are working with low volume / fresh data, it will make more sense to use a reputable service.
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      Sounds great! Is your verifier for sale? If not how do I go about developing my own software from your experience?

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      Very interesting. How does this work? Does it send an email through smtp?

      thanks. What should I research?
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    If you have aged or purchased data, you ideally want to clean without actually mailing it.

    You also want to get rid of threats, which mailing will just remove bounces.
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    Are you worried about it being illegal at all? Someone correct me if I'm wrong?

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    Originally Posted by Makman333 View Post

    I found out about atomic email verifier which is a one time fee, but was hoping someone with experience in this area could advise me regarding how professionals clean their lists.
    a service is always better. they handle much stuff in the backend. if you used software you gotta manage lotta stuff. even email validation will require IPs. a clean IPs. software like Atomic can not validate Yahoo. if you used SMTP simulation command Yahoo will always return Valid Code. even if the email address does not exist.
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    List cleaning services will very and they all have different techniques to clean lists. Some are more diligent and more accurate than others.

    You just need to be to careful - The magic is in the quantity they can verify. If you submit a list of 5 million roadrunner addresses, you're going to be disappointed in a lot of these services when you get back 4.99 million unknown results.

    Anytime you purchase a desktop solution, it won't be nearly as accurate as a good online service. Because you're basing everything off your IP addresses. For instance, let say you have an US IP and you are validating with SMTP an email address from a European country, that specific mail server might block your IP based on GEO Targeting. It will show up as unknown or invalid, when it's a good e-mail.

    A good online list cleaning service will work with different IP banks from different countries to validate certain addresses. The same goes from any email marketing company that's worth their salt, if they mail from a single country IP, they are not going to get you the best delivery rate.

    That's just one example, but their are hundreds. I don't want to share all my secrets
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    if you are a new internet marketer. Then I will suggest to you. at first, you can use to Get Aweber or Get-response and collect emails the right way. so start to shortlist. also, you have unique list. then can start.
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