I got an idea about ip rotations

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So I've been using powermta n interspire for email marketing 4 years now
So today i was wondering how can i stop buying ip's
So my mobile provider is pretty cheap and we can buy anonymous simcards {4G}
So i said why can't i host different sim cards
With unlimited data plan
And start using for powermta
As we dont have static ips you have to turn off data on and off and u get a new ip
So i was wondering guys what do you think
About it ?
#idea #rotations
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    Not completely sure about this. but the essential factor to a good email delivery is reputation. and its consistent practice..
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    I agree with sendizo.

    A stable IP with a good reputation is going to net you a better delivery rate in the long run. You actually need to send from the same "From" address and the "Same IP's". You're just hurting yourself with a rotation.

    It's good to separate transaction mail from "newsletters and mass marketing mail" on different IP's.
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    LoL, do you have any idea how much bandwidth PowerMTA consumer to send out large volume email.
    Your cell provider would throttle you down to a snails pace, if not kill your services within a few minutes of trying this.
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