Great Ways to Monetize a List

by Justine Eaglestone 2 replies
If one has a multi-thousand international list of newbie users who are interested in learning more about the web and maybe making money on the internet, what are some good ways to monetize such a list?
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    What do you mean learn more about the web exactly?

    You can write up an email sequence introducing one interesting topic at the time --> valuable info for them
    Drop some stories about yourself as a noob --> entertainment & personality
    segment your list by opens and clicks into topic-interest

    write a report where you cover more detail and sell it for 1 buck
    make some more reports / videos / podcasts going deeper into some of the topics and sell for more
    send out relevant offers to your segments
    start with cpl offers - pin submit, email submit, app installs etc. where they do not have to buy anything, and only later to paid offers

    monitor what they are most interested in
    ask questions, have them reply --> engage your list

    this is just a very rough outlay .. of one of the things that come to my mind
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    What countries?

    There are so many low-income countries that trying to monetize the data may not be worth your time.

    This is what I would look at first.
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