(PROS ONLY) Is this Safe / Legal to do?

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Hello warriors. I have a list of 4k subscribers in GetResponse who legitimately opted in & confirmed with their email. I am always hungry to increase this number even more. Getting 100 subscribers daily is not enough for me. I have thought of a technique im sure some people might have done already. I will extract emails from targeted users on twitter / fb / instagram (.its all legit on how I do it and technically the person is asking for them to send info to their email so they are giving permission)

Anyways with these extracted emails I plan to verify them using a service like briteverify. Then I will get another autoresponder (to protect my sender reputation) and import those emails. Now I will blast these thousands of emails to my squeeze page so I get a confirmed opt in to my getresponse. Is this a safe technique? Will the company of the autoresponder approve of it?

Thank you.
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