(PROS ONLY) Is this Safe / Legal to do?

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Hello warriors. I have a list of 4k subscribers in GetResponse who legitimately opted in & confirmed with their email. I am always hungry to increase this number even more. Getting 100 subscribers daily is not enough for me. I have thought of a technique im sure some people might have done already. I will extract emails from targeted users on twitter / fb / instagram (.its all legit on how I do it and technically the person is asking for them to send info to their email so they are giving permission)

Anyways with these extracted emails I plan to verify them using a service like briteverify. Then I will get another autoresponder (to protect my sender reputation) and import those emails. Now I will blast these thousands of emails to my squeeze page so I get a confirmed opt in to my getresponse. Is this a safe technique? Will the company of the autoresponder approve of it?

Thank you.
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    ESPs do not allow you to send scraped data.

    That's not to say you can't get away with it, as long as you don't exceed any of their thresholds / trigger red flags.

    However, I would read up on the different anti-spam laws. This is the downside to scrapping B2C data, as you will likely not know for sure where all the users are located. Plus, in addition to bounces, you could also collect spam traps.

    I'm not a fan of scrapping B2C data. Depending on what you promote, you may be far better off buying 3rd party data or doing traditional list building.
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      thank you. I decided its a bad idea and wouldn't make sense unless I could scrape thousands of emails for my targeted niche. Ill stick with doing it legitimately!
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      • that's probably for the best that you decided not to do this. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to build QUALITY email addresses.
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    it's with 100% bad accurassy bad idea, try to find out guest postingS)
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    Scraping emails is a great way to collect spam trap addresses. As a matter of fact, it is THE way to make sure you collect spam addresses and then get your autoresponder account suspended because you'll be wrecking their sender reputation.
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    No matter how clever we are they just don't buy from somebody they don't even know at all.

    The worst part is they don't even bother to read at your email. Why not post your link on those social platforms? You will get more eye balls on your squeeze page.

    If I were you I won't risk my paid auto-responder account at all because if anyone complaining about your act then your account is gone.
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    Your idea is more or less correct. If you scraped emails you're better off verifying them with anything but your main/real accounts.
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