Best way to send instructional email to customer.

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Hi All,

I currently need to send a welcoming email with instructions to new customers.

The email includes 4 questions we need answered to set up their data profile
It also includes the key elements we need their file to have, the file formats we accept, where to send their file. Now, I have to add a log in credential area as well as include who their relationship manager is and where he/she can be reached.

Attached, I have an FAQs pdf and will now have to add a "how to log in" pdf and "how to set up your credit card"

I am doing all of this via outlook and I wanted to know what is the best way to streamline all information. If I should write out a basic welcoming email and then attach everything, along with the 4 questions, or if there is another way to send out a welcoming, onboarding, email with instructions on what's required of the customer.

Please get back to me with any suggestions.
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