ughh im terrible

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So far I've acquired 640 subscribers and when I send out broadcasts I usually get 25 opens and maybe 5 clicks thrus if I'm lucky.. I've only gotten a few sales.. I try to provide value and free things, I've taken a bunch of advice from other email marketers and implemented there strategys.. but i'm still not getting anywhere. I'm not sure what I should improve on!
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    How many emails a day are you sending? Also the autoresponder you use can effect the amount of opens. There is also the time of day you're sending.
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    How are you sending...ESP?
    What traffic source did you use to collect them?
    What is the niche?
    How often do you mail them?
    How long have you been mailing to them?
    Do you know the domain makeup of the data and are you sending seeds to test your inbox placement?
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  • It all depends upon the tools that you are using for sending bulk number of mails, domain reputation, IP reputation, ESP where you are sending mails.
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    Thats pretty low. You should be hoping for at least 20% (based on market averages).

    How did you get them onto the list? Sending a high impact Welcome email is vital to motivating people to open future emails. You need to use your first email to build on the offer that got them to subscribe, get them excited about the content in future emails. You could try sending a 'Do you hate me?' asking people why they arent opening. At least that way you know where you're going wrong.

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    i've been using solo ads for traffic. I email them between 1-2 times a day. I'm using aweber for my autoresponder. Also, from the beginning i sent them a 7 day mini course to get them warmed up.
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      Originally Posted by dj2590 View Post

      i've been using solo ads for traffic. I email them between 1-2 times a day. I'm using aweber for my autoresponder. Also, from the beginning i sent them a 7 day mini course to get them warmed up.
      If you are going to do the solo route you need to keep buying and buying and buying and build that List up to at least 5K-10K before any progress is seen. The MMO leads with Solos are of low quality and pretty misrable just to be frank ( not all but in mmost cases) so you have to make it up with Quantity.

      And then you need to reinvest a min. of 50% of any profit you make from the solo.

      It's a doable model but only for a few. As it's a numbers game and takes skill and perseverance that most do not have.

      -Robert Andrew

      P.S.Also imo you need to try to break even with each solo by offering a IMMEDIATE redirect to a CPA paying out a min. of $50
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    Instead of constantly sending out broadcasts, you should consider segmenting your list.

    You could send them a very brief simple survey asking them what exactly the problem they need solved, or what specific thing they would like to learn. Then warm them up to offers that meet that criteria. These can either be your own products or affiliate products.

    This way your emails will be much more relevant and targeted. Another benefit of sending targeted mails is you'll be in much less danger of being reported for spam.

    Try experimenting and split-testing with different subject lines as well too see which ones get better open rates.
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    It's really hard to know what the problem is when you have less than 1000 subscribers. That is a really low open rate. The best thing to do is change one thing, and see what happens. I like Rhino99's suggestion of trying an email with "do you hate me?" as the subject line and asking them a few questions might be the best place to start. If you get a response from that, then it could be that your headlines aren't compelling enough to get people to open your emails. Good luck!

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    It's all about HOW YOU ACQUIRE THOSE EMAILS probably.
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    Hey dj2590

    First off. 640 subs is a good start but you will need to get to 1000 before you can accurately measure stats and even that is pretty low.

    However 25 opens to 640 subs is pretty low. I would look at what subject lines you are using.

    I could talk for hours about subject lines but there's a few techniques that work.

    A good one is curiosity.

    If you practice and get good at writing curiosity based subject lines your opens will skyrocket.

    A couple I have used that got high opens were 'The David Haye guide to affiliate marketing' this was an email I sent after the Haye fight.

    'Bill gates gone bust' was one that got high opens due to the curiosity factor.

    You can also go against popular opinion or what your subscriber perceives to be true. For example I used the subject line 'why selling is bad in affiliate marketing' This got an extremely high open rate as it goes against what everybody thinks. You need to sell in affiliate marketing to make money.

    You can also just write straight benefit subject lines such as 'how to lose xx pounds in 30 days' however I wouldn't use these all the time as they are a bit 'vanilla' but they tell you subscriber exactly what the email is about so somebody who wants that straight benefit will be more inclined to open the email.

    Hope you got some ideas from that, let me know if you have any questions

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