Beginner: what technical websites I need to connect in order to auto deliver ebook via email

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I am a total beginner.

I don't have own website, I don't a list yet.

I plan to do paid advertising on Facebook... to get people to click and sign up for my free ebook (say on the topic of personal finance).
I want to build my email list. I want to offer free ebook to get email addresses.

I am also using mailchimp (free version)

So, in summary, i have now:
a) facebook ads
b) mailchimp
c) my own written free ebook in pdf format

What types of technical coordination or preparation I need to do among the above, so that when people give me his or her email address, I get him / her to confirm the email address and then the free ebook can be sent automatically?

What kind of instructions / email template I need to write in mailchimp, so that people will confirm his / her email address BEFORE the ebook was sent out?
Under which setting in mailchimp?

Do I need any landing page?
If yes, which free landing page services you recommend?

For my ebook in pdf format, where shall I host it or put it?
In my own Dropbox or Google Drive, or inside Mailchimp or inside somewhere?

Do I need to do anything e.g. using Woo Commerce page?

Thank you. I know it is a lot of questions. I am new and feeling a bit lost.

Thanks a lot.

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    So, you will need to create an web form and have to place it on wordpress or your html site. You can buy a domain from GoDaddy / Namecheap. the second one is highly recommended for its cheap price and support.

    Now, install wordpress from your hosting CP and place your webform on your wp site. Or you can upload your html page.

    Now, go to your auto responder and set up an email with download information of your pdf guide.

    To upload your pdf. you can use Google drive or dropbox, alternatively your email marketing site should have an option to attach a file on your email autoresponder series.

    Hope, this helps.
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      Thanks so much ImRoment

      I really appreciate your sharing of experience and examples.

      Just 1 more question - if you are using mailchimp, i just want to know how can i ensure that the "first name" and "email" on my web form automatically "talk" to mailchimp?

      Do i need to set up a separate list in mailchimp? Or a separate campaign or group rather than list?

      Thanks a lot.
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    There is an easier option for someone like you in your position.

    Since you use MailChimp, there is a link they give you so to add it anywhere. The link is clicked a popup will appear with the sign up opt-in form. This is hosted on MailChimps side. So simply add this link to your ad and explain as much as possible within your ad about the free ebook. And once users sign up there should be a confirmation email, once users confirm this, there will be another email sent to them, and within this email add a link to your download. You can add your download link from Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

    This will take out the hassle of HTML, servers etc. This can be a huge headache for any newbie.
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    Originally Posted by ImRoment

    Here is an example - [url]

    N.B : Moderator , this webadress /link is only to show him the design he can use for his campaign.
    Does your example break a Warrior Forum rule - specifically Point 5 in the General section?

    Asking because your example is a working optin form that once an email address is given and the 'Yes I'm ready' optin form button is clicked, now redirects to the Mediafire website to download a PDF

    By posting live optin form links in our posts, are we able to collect email addresses on the Warrior Forum now?
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