How much is too much?

by beeks
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Each industry will be different I know, but specifically the service industry. How much emails are to much? We send an automation email after a service that sends out 4 different emails over 3 months. And we do a monthly email blast but segment out the past 90 days of new customers. What do you guys do when it comes to the number of emails per month?
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    It's not good at all: too less 4 mails in a month.

    I suggest 1 mail VERY DAY.

    Three types of mail to choose:

    1 Content mail: deliver valuable content

    2 Relationship/Engagement Emails: talk about u and something emotional

    3 Promotional Emails: start sellind products.

    Firstly deliver valuable content.

    You have to build YOUR BRAND: which is made by marketing.

    What does it mean?

    To become the FIRST in the PEOPLE'S MIND. You targeted people of course.

    It's a battle in the customers' minds.
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      In the service industry which im in, if we sent one email a day we would get unsubscribed quickly.
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        In the service industry which im in, if we sent one email a day we would get unsubscribed quickly.
        You're probably right.

        On the other hand, Amazon emails me several times a day. But we aren't Amazon.

        This is something you can only find out through testing - trial and error. There are probably zero people that will see this post familiar enough with the carpet cleaning business to share their real world experience.

        How is your current frequency working out? Getting a lot of unsubscribes? Are people calling for extra services or whatever you are promoting?

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          Seems to be working well, we get about 15 unsubscribes a month on about 2k. That is the list we send to once a month. Obviously the open rate and such come into play but overall im assuming thats not bad. I just know how i feel when we get bombarded with emails and then ill unsubscribe.
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    Hey Beeks,

    I guess this piece of data from the blog posted by easysendy address your query.

    "There can be two situations:
    Overmailing, where you send a huge bulk of emails that might annoy your recipients;
    Undermailing, where you don't send enough emails to engage with your recipients properly.
    The magic lies in between. You can't do either.
    Also, before you start sending out emails, you must be well aware of how mailbox providers work. Each mailbox provider has different rules and regulations for spams and inbox delivery.

    Email Marketing Frequency optimization depends upon engagement. You have to find out how many emails are giving you maximum return regarding engagement and click-throughs."

    Hope this helps
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    Hey Beeks

    I personally try and email my list every day. You have to think that your list is not the only list your prospect is on. If you send out 4 emails over 3 months they will have forgotten who you are and this will increase your spam complaints.

    Everybody is fighting for your subscribers attention and if you aren't regularly hitting their inbox they won't remember you.

    If you don't want to mail every day I would say at least 4 times a week as a bare minimum.

    The key is to add value in your emails. You would 'annoy' your subscribers if you rammed promotions at them every day or in every email, you need to engage with your subscribers.

    As weird as it sounds you need to 'entertain' your subscribers with your emails. Tell stories about yourself (or other people) emotional, inspirational or funny stories work well. These all work for the 'relationship' building.

    You can send out content emails but in my experience just 'hard-teaching' tends to bore people but it can work if you inject some of your own personality into it. People are overwhelmed with hard information online.

    The key is to engage with your subscribers on a personal level, I have written emails before about personal life experiences and they have got the best response then segued into a pitch at the end.

    Most important is to be yourself. Don't try and be a warmed up version of someone else, inject your own personality, tell your subscribers stuff you like and don't like. If you do it right you will polarize your audience, you WILL get unsubscribes but the people that stay will be much more engaged with you.

    Hope that helps, give me a shout if you have any questions

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    Try a few test groups, go aggressive with one and less aggressive with another. Don't test the aggressive strategy with your bread-and-butter ESP. If you're response rate drops, engagement is poor or you wind up hitting'll want to dial it back a bit.

    Going on pure numbers, it's fairly acceptable to receive 1 email per week. I don't think that's too aggressive by any means. Some people mail 3-4 times per week and other mailers (in the payday space) hit them 3x daily. It really boils down to running some experiments.

    For what it's worth, I get at least 1-2 emails from my car dealership regarding whatever's going on.

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    Thanks everyone, ill try some new frequencies and let yall know how it went
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    Do it simple with smart testing. Start increasing your mailing frequency a bit (don't be over aggressive give it time), then start tracking the engagement, if it's increasing as well, give it a bit higher frequency again. Do this until you start seeing a decrease in your engagemnt, then, take a step back. There you found the sweet spot

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