Who is your favorite Email Marketing Service Provider and Why?

by jnana 36 replies
Hello Everyone, please share about your experience on using any Email Marketing Platform for your Business. How satisfied (or) dissatisfied are you about the service?
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    Hey jnana

    I personally use Aweber for it's ease of use. I have been totally satisfied with it and never had any major problems.

    The two main ones if you are just getting started are Aweber and Getresponse. I have personally never used Getresponse but from my understanding you are able to build squeeze pages from within the platform which you can't do with Aweber.

    I don't think there's a lot of difference between the two, I know people that have switched from Getresponse to Aweber and vice versa and everyone will have different opinions.

    It's a case of taking the free trial and using it to see how you get on and make a decision from there.

    If you do decide to try a different one from the ones I suggested then make sure you use a paid platform not a free one. Free ones have been known to be unreliable I have heard horror stories of marketer's losing their lists because they scrimped on the $19 a month.

    Hope that helps

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      Well, you can build squeeze pages from inside Aweber but it takes a little more work than it does with Getresponse.
      You go to sign up forms and pick one of their templates, you can upload your own image or photo, your own buttons ,etc
      Like I said it takes a bit more, work but can be done.
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    Getresonse for me because it has many optin forms to choose and no problem so far and very easy to understand platform
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    Get response it expensive but it great! I use GR every day
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    I would say my own setup, because I can control every aspect of my mailing operation.
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    Any that allow affiliate offers, have decent deliverability and are fairly priced.
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    I've had very good results with sendlane...

    Most of them offer free trials, you can try them without loosing money...

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    Mailchimp is good as they offer a free plan but very strict in lead generation compliance. They don't allow it. Shifted now to Getresponse which so far is great.
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    Depending on what kind of marketing you are doing, a self hosted setup is also a good option and one that more and more marketers are adapting to

    If you can get some one to install interspir, sendy or mailwiz with Amazon SES , MailGUN or SendGrid and SMTP providers, you can get as good results as ESPs like aweber and get response

    Plus you never have to worry about getting shut down for any reasons.

    Think about it..
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    Those which are free-to-use, really no sense to use paid ones
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    Mail Champ for me. It really gives nice features. it has many options like checking open rate and no of subscribers and unsubscribes.
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      It's important to note that Mailchimp does not allow sending to rented or purchased lists, only opted-in lists. Since the original poster didn't specify the type of list they have, I thought it would be good to mention.

      We also use Mailchimp for our opted-in subscribers and like it very much. They are always adding new helpful features.
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    Hands down Aweber for me
    Drop shipping is a Dying Model
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    I use Aweber because it's ridiculously easy to use, I got used to it pretty quickly, I highly recommend it, they have such an amazing support, really brilliant.
    It's really hard to say bad things about Aweber, but if I had I'd say the optin forms are ugly and don't look professional, but that's something you can easily do somewhere.
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    I use Aweber. Have for years now. When I have a problem with using them, I just call them and they are more than happy to help me. Have done this many times.
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    using aweber right now and so far the service has been great.
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  • Sales-push for me !!
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    What about using a fiverr agent to send your email blasts?
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    I am totally amazed at how often this exact same question is asked on this forum. The answers are always the same.
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    Recently bought Appsumo promo deal for Sendpulse 400k emails package and switched to it. Works fine and delivery rate is fine as well.
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      Originally Posted by medik29 View Post

      Recently bought Appsumo promo deal for Sendpulse 400k emails package and switched to it. Works fine and delivery rate is fine as well.
      I bought that offer as well but my experience with sendpulse is a little different.

      First, if you have multiple lists you cannot send to all lists at once. You have to create the same email and send them separately...huge waste of time.

      Secondly, some servers don't recognize sendpulse and put the email in spam. Verizon is one of those. Even when you change the DKIM and SPF records to show your domain, several of the sent emails either don't get delivered or are placed in the receiving server spam lists.

      We've run tests sending to the SAME lists using different services and sendpulse always comes up with far less delivered than the others we've tested.

      Support is slow to respond, but they always do.

      Sendpulse has the opportunity to be a really good option for many but they need to improve some more and listen to their users.

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    Aweber or Mail Chimp are two that I am satisfied with.
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    technodatagroup is my favorite email provider because they are delivery acquiescent data
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    I have used Amazon SES
    but using without good practice can suspend your account
    I applied for SendGrid but they did not accepted my application as they suspect me Spammer :p
    Used E-Sender that what going with perfection since then.

    Good Open Click rate less bounced emails & complaints

    Have also used Aweber and Get response but a bit expensive then E-Sender
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  • Profile picture of the author Brent Robison
    Convertkit. Used to use mailchimp and wish I had just started by paying for CK. it is dramatically more simple to use, and yet has lots of tagging, and other capabilities like landing pages, subscriber forms/pop-ups etc. that take the place of having to buy other products when you're just starting out. It's made for marketers and bloggers.
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    GetResponse is great for landing pages and autoresponders campaign. I done broadcast using i6
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    I've used GetResponse and Aweber and never went wrong with either.
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    I've been using AWeber just about every day since around 2010.

    I've never had that much of a hiccup.

    They're super cheap, their support rocks, and they have all the functionality I need to deploy campaigns on a whim without much technical overwhelm.

    If you're on a budget, AWeber is the best. If you're on a "rock bottom" budget, then check out "MailerLite".

    This is just my humble two cents, after being an email marketing fanatic for many years.
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    I have used Aweber for 10 years. No problems. They are the best. Period. And they are only $19 a month.
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    Aweber pricing structure, https://www.aweber.com/pricing.htm

    I tried them a few years ago when your imported list(s) had to opt-in AGAIN...lost the majority of them!

    Now you could say my list wasn't engaged, but they sure were BEFORE I imported them. I left Aweber and moved ALL of my original contacts to another service and never had another issue.

    Depending on what you are looking for there are several choices out there...I've tested most of them including self-hosting. JMO

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    I've used several ESPs since I manage email marketing campaigns for a few of my clients and almost all of them use a different email service. I like ConvertKit, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor, but MailChimp remains one of my favorites.

    7 Best Email Marketing Services

    1. ConvertKit
    2. AWeber
    3. Constant Contact
    4. GetResponse
    5. MailChimp
    6. Campaign Monitor
    7. ActiveCampaign
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    for me it's Aweber because it is easy to use and understand (user friendly) also I don't have any problems with it.
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    Totally depends on you and purpose of use. If you are a newbie and on a budget, I recommend you Mailchimp, it's free and effective. You can also try Awebe. It's really awesme plugins. thanks
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    I’m enjoying Mailerlite a lot – it has very reasonable pricing and features are with wide variety: available templates, automation, segmentation, reports… Everything I need, I have with very low costs!
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