How do I build my email list?

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From the title, you can already laugh at me

At the moment, I already set up a website and producing content on it, day by day (new website)

From all the books and videos I watched, all said one thing in particular : 'The money is in the list'

The thing is, I have no clue how to grow my super small list (currently at 2 subscriber from sheer luck) through my new website.

So my question are: How do I effectively build my email list (subscriber)? How do I check for my list on WordPress, do I need a plugin for it? Does Solo Ads build lists? Does Gmail already keep lists of email ready?

PS: I know how email marketing works, I just want to know how to grow it.

Thank you for your time.
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    Simple: Create great content and advertise!
    In order to build a list you will need an online service like aweber, getresponse or mailchimp. As far as I'm aware mailchimp does not support affiliate marketing, please read guidelines carefully.
    Mail chimp however is a free option,
    You will need to create an opt in form probably a nice looking one that covers the entire page when the user is landed, and link it to this service provider (Aber, getresponse , mailchimp etc). Give away something for free like a free ebook... Create good/great content and advertise..

    There are a few things you need to pay attention to while you create content and advertise, one of them is trending content.
    First thing you need to learn is how to optimise your advert. The Time and space you take on an ad page ( facebook ads google ads) the more it costs. For example if you create an ad and no one clicks it then it will cost more but if you create an ad that everyone clicks immediately as soon as they see it then it will cost you much less. I am sure you don t have budget for 2 USD per click.
    So how will you do that?
    Google trends is your pal,
    Google trends give you what people are searching for, helps you find engaging content and whats trending even in real time, I actually wrote a tutorial on that you can search thanxman uk(google it) to see how to create trending content post.
    When you get each click down to 0.15 cents than it means you are doing pretty good work, next is the opt in funnel. See clickfunnels for or leadpages to get an idea.
    Opt in form is a shortcut for the email list
    For example when you walk into a library you want to find what you're looking for immediately, sales funnel or an opt in form is basically saying to the customer "hey here's what you need", simply leave your email address and get what you need, this is how you boost your opt in rates,
    there are always things to give away like free e-books. Simply offer free e-books in return for your visitors email addresses. You can use resale rights weekly page to get ebooks to give away, it is always a great idea to have a live chat client on your webpage then your visitor will trust you more as there is live support. To find out how to install again refer to my blog posts, I covered installing a chat client recently.

    You can always buy solo ads
    There are Facebook groups called buy sell solo ads, web pages like where you can buy ads( they send you traffic charge per click), usually people charge one dollar per click on your opt in the rate is usually 50% which means you will pay two dollars per opting minimum.
    if you use Google trends then you will be able to get customers much cheaper, I believe that is what a solo ad seller is doing anyway. simply buy an ad for $.15 and sell it for one dollar (this is the best case anyway usually what people gave is 0.30 cents to 0.50 cents).

    How to make people pay you?
    People never pay easily, they really need to trust you first, they want to trust you as an authority, which means you need to have a good looking website and a great content in it. When you have good content you will have a good search engine traffic as well. When people start coming to your page they ll build trust in you, then you will see that sales will come too. The answer is time, it takes time to create an authority web website you need to be patient you need to work hard and you need to create great content.
    I hope this helps
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    before that you will do some research on the niche you want to build list in. learn about your target audience and market, how profitable the niche? competition?...etc

    to get started with list building. you will need to have a lead capture form and traffic.

    lead capture, you can use landing page, pop-up forms, social page, some PPC network will have integrated option to capture lead directly from their web site. most email service provider will provide tools for that.

    Traffic, there are different ways and different channels, paid and free, some work better then other depends on the niche you are in,

    the secret: split test everything in between, tweak and optimize.
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    Yep, Solo Ads can build your List ! But you really need to test this avenue and have a clear understanding of what you are up against. Variables like solo ad seller, OTOs to break even, managing your cost etc.. need to be carefully considered when doing them.

    I think starting out ,produce some really solid Content and have a optin form on right side of your Site to capture email addresses.

    And have a compelling lead magnet to offer them. But first of all produce great content so they will be compelled to want to further their Relationship with you

    - Robert Andrew
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    The are many deference platforms that you can grow your list from.

    You have to do some research, to find out which platform is gonna be better for you.
    and also it depends if you have a budget to invest in buying clicks, but if you dont have the budget, you can use the free traffic methods like;

    Blog commenting
    Yahoo Answers &

    All these free traffic platforms, they take time, the traffic is slow.

    You can also use Paid traffic methods like;

    Solo ads
    Google ads & many more.

    Make sure to test one traffic platform at a time to make sure which works for you( on paid traffic)
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    You can collect your business based email from online freely. Other hand, you can buy marketplace.
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    This is the million dollar question. I would recommend solo ads, but they really are too expensive. Blogging and social media will get you a few leads, so would YouTube. Fact is list building is incredibly difficult until you know how...then its the easy part.

    NOW DAYS all I do is lead generation. It pays for sure, but you have to have some guts and great autoresponder and copy.

    Learn how to start your own Solo Ad Business without an autoresponder or build a list. It's Fast Fun and Profitable.

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    The advise people are giving is sound. Just don't over think it. You will need a lead generation form, autoresponder and traffic. PPC is the best, but Solo ads are easier. Forget "Free" traffic it takes too long and COST to much. As I say that you can generate leads from Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. It takes a lot of list members to make money. So speed may be you biggest asset.

    Good luck

    Learn how to start your own Solo Ad Business without an autoresponder or build a list. It's Fast Fun and Profitable.

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    You should create a directory or business listing website and offer the free listing service for a year to increase email list.
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