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Hi everyone,

I have what sounds like a simple question, but no amount of Googling has helped me so far. I'm doing some digital work for a real estate agency, with the end goal being trying to get them more "home appraisal" bookings.

I've built them a Mailchimp list, and a landing page with an email signup form to receive a free report. My intention is to drip subscribers a few emails, and then eventually ask them to book a "home appraisal". The problem is the agency needs to be able to phone call the subscribers, but I only collect emails on the landing page (to maximise conversion).

I see a couple of options:
Option 1: Ask subscribers via eDM to update their profile with a phone number and their preferred booking time. Create a segment for subscribers with phone numbers, and then call these people.
Issue: I won't get alerts when people update their profile with their phone number. Ideally we would want to call them within 24 hours. The agency will be using the List as a bit of a database, so they might add phone numbers to existing clients (where known), this would be bad as it would trigger someone to call them about an Appraisal that they never agreed to.

Option 2: Send subscribers an eDM with a link to a landing page where I ask for their email (again), phone number, and booking time. The landing page system will sent me an alert when someone completes the form, and then we will have some from the agency call them. I assume I can then integrate this phone number/booking information back into Mailchimp (for record keeping).
Issue: Sending an eDM to someone, and then asking for their email is clunky... I use Leadpages, it would be great if I could autofill the email field (and leave it hidden) so that I'm just collecting phone number and booking time.

Any other ideas? I could implement a whole other third party booking system (acuity scheduling or something), but I would prefer to work with the platforms I have, surely I've missed a simple way of doing this...
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    I would just do #2.

    You could contact lead pages and ask how to pass the email address to the form, so you don't have to ask for it. If by some chance you can't, I wouldn't worry about it. At this point, if someone wants's an appraisal, I can't imagine that having to enter their email would cause them to change their mind / effect conversions.

    #1 would be pointless, as you don't need their phone number unless they actual want to book an appraisal.
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    You could ask in the optin. For example, if you want an appraisal put your phone number. Then make that field optional.
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