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Hey has anyone else been getting a ton of fake subscribers added to their GetResponse account?

I suddenly starting getting a ton of new sign ups to old optins that I haven't sent traffic to in a long time. They are coming from proxies. They all sign up for one optin, then when I remove that optin, they all start signing up to a different one on another site, and so on.

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    I have never heard of this happening.
    Maybe you need to install a captcha or something on your landing page where you are collecting your subscribers from?
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    Yeap. I am getting 2-5 sign ups daily as well. I removed the <form> to avoid more sign ups.
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    You know, this just made the hairs in the back of my neck stand up - I never really voiced this before but it cross my mind one too many times.

    I had the same thing happened to me as you described. And after dealing with their customer service on different issues... I am sorry but I just can't trust them.

    They wanted to charge me a penalty fee to upgrade. And when I inquired.. nobody really knew how to respond... spent over 10 emails dealing with this issue.

    Also, a while back.. it seems that they are not allowed to handle their own credit card processing, and this cause another huge headache trying to add a new credit card.

    I had enough and I'm moving on to another company. Currently signed up to Active Campaign, and also use Mail chimp for my shopify stores.
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