How Much Money Do You Earn Per Email Subscriber?

by benelijah 15 replies
I'm interested in knowing how much money you earn for every email subscriber.

I'm not talking just about revenue, but I also want to know your profit.

Because let's face it. Unless you have a high-traffic blog or Youtube channel, it's not very easy to get 100+ subscribers a day for free. So what most people do is pay for leads, whether via solo ads or Facebook ads or PPC or whatever.

Many solo ad providers charge 50 cents to $1 PER CLICK. Facebook ads cost a similar rate. Let's say your squeeze page converts at 50 percent -- you're still paying $1 to $2 per subscriber. And if you have double optin, around 20-40 percent might not confirm, so you're paying even more than that.

So if you want to make a healthy profit, don't you need to earn an average of $3+ per subscriber? For every 100 subscribers, you should be making $300-$400+. Tell me if I'm getting something wrong here.

I'm just thinking about the math here. Let's say you're paying $1-$2 per subscriber. For 100 subscribers, which costs you $100-$200, you want to earn a healthy profit of $300+. So let's say three percent of your subscribers purchase something. You'll have to earn $100 per sale.

Question #2: How do you do that? Do you promote affiliate products? Do you promote your own products? Are they high-ticket or low-ticket products? Do you focus on recurring income products? Do you have an OTO right when they sign up? Do you bombard them with hard sell emails every day? Or do you send them a mix of hard sell and soft sell every few days? And how quickly does it take for you to get your return on investment -- two months, half a year, or longer?

If anyone can share some stats about their own lists, especially in the internet marketing niche, I'd appreciate it.
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    Originally Posted by benelijah View Post

    but I also want to know your profit.
    Seriously? That information is only shared with the IRS.

    Thank you.
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      I'm not asking how much money you make every year, what your business expenses are, where you live, what your social security number is.

      I'm asking a simple question: What is your ROI in email marketing?

      When you spend $100, how much do you earn back? I don't understand where the IRS comes in.
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        Originally Posted by benelijah View Post

        I'm asking a simple question: What is your ROI in email marketing?

        When you spend $100, how much do you earn back?
        My point was, if you search the forum you will find that few, if any questions regarding profit are ever actually responded to.

        Here's the thing. Every situation is too variable for an answer that would benefit you. Some people are skilled - good ROI. Some are clueless - lousy ROI. Additionally, every offer is different.

        I don't see how a collection of disparate data can benefit you in any way. I could be wrong.

        Thank you.
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    I hate to respond without an answer, but I've been wondering the same thing. It seems like most click bank products pay $30, and I hear a good conversion rate is 4%. For a list of 100 people that's only $120. I think that we're supposed to think longer term, and some of those buyers will be excellent, and buy mutliple products you offer to them. Subscription offers do seem to be what you want to focus on once you make a good amount of sales.
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    The last time I actually took the time to calculate it, I think I was at around 1.25 per subscriber. Obviously how you build your list will play a big part as to how profitable it will be.
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    I make very little from each email subscriber, but that's OK, because I'm growing my list by ~10,000 a month for free. It's going to vary from person to person, and depends on how targeted your list is and what you're selling.
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      Are you getting high-quality subscribers that convert really well? Or are they lots of lower quality subscribers, but you don't care because they're in volume and they're free?
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        I run a viral traffic website and get a few million people come through every month. My subscribers subscribe for a free eBook, for weekly newsletters, or for entries into our giveaways. I wouldn't say they're lower quality per se, because I see ~40% open rates and ~20% click rates to news related articles, but they're certainly not looking to buy anything and convert incredibly low when I sell to them. But yeah, volume + free + low conversion rate = decent money
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      How do you get traffic? If you don't mind me asking.
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        At the moment I'm getting a lot from Google News (within 5 minutes of publishing a new post it'll be indexed and on page 1, Google News is AMAZING), and a lot from Facebook groups. I've found that Facebook groups don't have the issues that pages do regarding reach; if you post something in an active group with a few thousands people, most of those people are going to see what you post. When you're writing/posting stories that are super targeted to that audience, they're going to share/comment/like, which gets a lot of organic viral traffic. But yeah mostly Google news & Facebook groups, some Reddit traffic, and some passive google traffic from older articles
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    $0.50 to $1 per subscribers per month.
    all depends on list quality and your relationship with your subs
    Email Deliverability Specialist
    Mail Servers, Email Strategies, Deliverability Consulting?
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    My subcribe is low quallity of conversion (maybe just 0.2-0.5) but the interesting things sll of them is FREE
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    Used to be $1 per list member per now days. People treat their list like garbage and most people are on 50 list. Things have changed, but there really are two types of list..ones with a trusted relationship and ones that are not. I used to focus on quality, but now I only do the volume game. Honestly it's easier.
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