What will be the cheapest way to send bulk Emails to 3 million people?

by Tomer Baleli 21 replies
Hi! I'm a newbie affiliate marketer who wishes to focus on Email marketing.
I have a pretty big database from lottery, casinos, binary options and Forex.
I would like to start an Email marketing campaign. Any suggestion?

Thank you so much!
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    Large volume spam...lol...I recommend SendViper
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    How did you acquire such a large database of players?
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      I was a VP sales of a a big company.
      Then a friend of mine decided to open his open company and I walked him through it, shared with him all of my knowledge.
      Once I told him I want to be an affiliate marketer and I need a list of Emails he immediately sent me.

      Helping people pays back!
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    I think the best option would be sendy.co

    This is a script which you can install on your server and connect it with amazon SES. Amazon SES is the cheapest option to send bulk emails.

    Configure sendy on your server properly and you can send bulk email very easily.

    If you want to skip the efforts to setup this script on your server, there is an another option available which I have personally used for few months.

    It's MailGet.

    They have SMTP configured with them. Just choose the perfect plan for you and do your blast.
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      I don't have a server ATM.
      Just a laptop with intel i3
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    Pay someone else to do it haha because with an email list that big, many people are getting spammed. Spammong is not the best way to help a business grow, just my opinion.
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    So far the cheapest solution I found was $400 a month for this amount of people.

    What do you think about the price? anything else I should know or avoid doing?

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    Maybe VPS + phplist?
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      Hey, thank you for replying.
      I would have to say that I'm completely new to this and I have no technical background.

      Would you elaborate?
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    I doubt you'll get a positive feedback from it (been there, don that).
    Anyway I'll still give you a tip, use thunderbird and mail merge. You cannot send it all at once (3M) but you can divide it on a certain amount and then send it.

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    Try Sendy.co Sendy uses Amazon SES and its extremely cheap (100x) than other traditional email marketing solution. The cost for 5,00,000 can be $50. thats cheap. and amazon services are at par.

    I hope this helps.
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      Thanks, but I don't think Amazon SES will appreciate my kind of emails... They are spam after all
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    It all depends on the quality of the data you are sending.

    Anyone that says otherwise is full of crap!!!

    Big domains look at engagement and if you're not sending quality data, expect to get blocked / blacklisted.

    If you're not sending quality data, then you need to domain target your data and replace IPs as needed. Anyone that tells you otherwise is full of crap and trying to take advantage of you!!!
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      Hey and thanks for your reply.

      My data is pretty old and also pretty shitty... But also very big and therefore, there is gold inside.
      What is your suggestion? How can i domain target my data and replace IPs???
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    The combination of Sendy and amazon would be great for your business
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    With this vast email list, you should be making any where from 100k - 200k/month.

    First i would recommend you clean your list with "Listjanitor" then proceed using Email service company like Sendlane, Aweber or Getresponse.
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  • First, I would put the list through a scrubber and get rid of all the emails that don't work, etc.

    Then use a program like Sendy with Amazon AES, or Easy Sendy

    But Amazon is on top of spammers... and you don't HAVE to spam to be a spammer. I got in some hot water because I people, who have been on my email list 3-19 years reported an email as spam or who reported that a link didnt work. Got everything working again, but it took a week of back/forth with Amazon.

    Maria Marsala,
    Financial Advisors Coach, Author, Speaker at http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/

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    If you are looking for the best bulk emailing platform then I highly recommend you Sendpulse because the pricing level is very low as compare to others.

    Sendpulse SMTP service is an excellent tool which is used to send bulk email messages anywhere in the world at great speed.

    These are the mailing server which allows you to send the unlimited amount of emails if you go with its paid plan

    On the other hand up to 12,000 messages are free for monthly basis by using its free plan.

    The good thing about SMTP servers is that these are more reliable and secure because it uses dedicated IPS.

    Which is great for the reputation of any sender, easy to integrate with different CMS and CRM.

    In addition to this DKIM and SPF technology is used in it for better deliverability of emails and to filter it from spam.

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