I need some help with Mailchimp forms

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Hello guys,
I created a form that to be linked with a list in mailchimp,
everything seems to be Ok,
what I wanted to do with this form is to use it as a landing page:
A picture in the top, then some description details in down,
the last 2 fields form: [name] and [email] for visitor,
Then the button [where to click] - here is the issue..
I wanted when the visitor click on the button will be redirected to the affiliate link directly,
I went to the section [translate it] where I was able to edit the button text,
My question: is it possible to link button with the last URL of the product that I want the visitor to get there after trade his name / email ?

I noticed there are many other forms such as: sign up thank you page, Opt-in confirmation email, and much more,
I do not want the visitor to feel bored in confirmation email, etc,
please help with this and if any additional advice will be highly appreciated!
Thank you.
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    MailChimp is an excellent email program and has several options. The ones you described are the very options or services that keep you out of trouble with respect to email spam practices.
    Can the action be done like you ask ... mechanically yes but you would not have a confirmed email or a way for them to unsubscribe if they choose. And from that anyone can sue you.
    Allow Mailchimp do do the monkeying around and keep you safe.
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    You have to go to "sign up thank you page" and there is a text box where you can enter your custom thank you page url
    just where it says: " Instead of showing this thank you page, send subscribers to another URL"

    Since mailchimp doesn't allow affiliate marketing I am not sure if this will work if you put an affiliate link in there.
    They might just close your account. But if go ahead and try make sure you have exported your list first ...
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