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I'm using Bing PPC to get opt-ins. I have a good campaign going on with a CTR of around 5%, with low CPC. I've gotten 10 email submits out of 35 clicks. But the problem is only 38.5% opened the lead magnet I was using (as shown in aweber statistics). And none of them clicked the affiliate links contained inside the leadmagnet (I know because I'm tracking them). What may be the problem?
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    So you got 10 subs, out of which 3.85 opened your lead magnet ...

    What conclusions do you expect to draw from this? I can tell you what conclusion is the only correct one: That your numbers are way too low to make any decisions based on them.

    Once you have 1000 subs and 385 opens, then you might have an insight into what works and what isn't working and you can start to try and optimize.

    3 or 4 opens ... this is totally random!

    It's as if a research agency pulled 4 random people off the street asking them how they will vote come the next election day and then predict the election outcome. Can you feel this makes no sense?
    It's the same with your set up. Collect more data and then come back and ask the question again
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    I agree with rritz!
    However, what kind of "Thank You" Page do you have? Maybe clarify on your page that the leadmagnet is sent by mail. For me that helped to double the open rate with the lead magnet.

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