How Should I start Learning Email Marketing?

by Pr1nc3
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Hey Marketers,

I know here is the place where I can get best suggestion. I decided to learn email marketing.
So I am here. Suggest me anything where I can get proper guide for this. Or share you experience with me. Where should I start and how?

Thanks in advance
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  • If I was you i start following a course on Udemy. And pick 1 or 2 tools like aweber or mailchimp.

    Both are good and popular....
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      Originally Posted by Guus Van Bruwaene View Post

      If I was you i start following a course on Udemy. And pick 1 or 2 tools like aweber or mailchimp.

      Both are good and popular....
      But sir, those are paid. I need some free resources. Can you please suggest me?

      Thank you.
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    Top 10 Email Marketing Website

    1. Mail Chimp
    2. Campaign Monitor
    3. Email Brain
    4. Stream Send
    5.Mad Mimi
    6. Benchmark Email
    7. Get Response
    8. Constant Contact
    9. Graphic Mail
    10. Boomerang

    We hope you like it.
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    • All are free?? Suggest me some tutorial website for learning..

      Thanks in advance
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    I think the most you'll learn by doing To succeed in email marketing you need to have knowledge in:
    - list building
    - writing compelling subject lines
    - writing emails that convert
    I'm sure there are many courses out there you can buy. I cheapest source is to have a look at your competitors. Sign into their newsletter and have a look at their subject lines, ect.

    Learn Online Marketing with this free email course !

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    Learning the basics of gaining the trust of your subscribers through the written word.Also,great content and genuine display of care and concern for your subscribers should open doors for you.

    You will need both free and paid avenues of traffic generation.Social media platforms come in handy.
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    You first need to learn how to build your list.Then, as others have said, you need to serve that list. Send them emails that offer helpful information (don't promote to them every day.) When you do promote, explain how the product will help them. As I see it, the key to email marketing is keeping in mind that the people on my list are real people with real problems, and I need to treat them that way.

    Which means I never promote a product to them that I haven't either tested, or I trust the product creator from past experience. This practice has saved me from promoting some dud products a few times.

    Hope this helps!

    Do You Know the 5 Key Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online?

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    At first you should learn how to build an email list then look for this

    Thank you..
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    Its actually not very hard.

    Get a GR or AW or any decent autoresponder. Set up a landing page to capture leads..GR has one built in the pretty nice. Make sure you set up a sequence of emails to sell product for you. NOW for the tricky part. Drive traffic to your landing page and optimize. We are going to come out with some free training in about a week,
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