Is 30 cents per email reasonable?

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I know that on average an email will earn like 1$ per month but in my case I prefer to go with the lowest numbers. So I was thinking if I will succeed in getting 3000 emails then my income would be 900$ per month. Is my math correct with approximation? Thanks very much.
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    There is no real average value per subscriber per month.

    All lists are different subscribers, niches, promoters, products, number of mailing, how the list was built etc.

    You could have 3000 on your list of which 1000 are unused email addresses and generated from list swaps or free offers and you promote infrequently to people who don't know you with products that just don't convert.

    Total monthly income $10

    You could have a list of 500 highly engaged subscribers who love your blog, your promotions and pretty much anything yo give them. You mail regular, high quality, high value products.

    Total monthly income $2000.

    Don't get bogged down in the maths and promises. Just do it

    Build your list, engage with your list, promote high quality products to your list and you will be fine.
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      Some interesting points here and defiantly some advice to learn from.
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    The $1 per month subscriber value is just a number someone made up one day.

    There are so many variables that will effect what you really make. There is no way to know / estimate what that value will really be until you do it,
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    Understanding your list and your list's needs will give you the figure you are searching for.

    A marketer who has 1000 subscribers who was able to earn $1000 off one high ticket sale will have an average of $1 per subscriber.

    It is all figures and you should not be focusing on that. As Tony says, focus on the relationship and the products you promote.
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    As others have said $1 per email is pretty made up. It can vary much. You could get free traffic then work out how much you earn from each one then spend money on paid?
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    I seen companies mail out 50,000 emails and only get like 30 click-troughs from it. Of those 30, who knows who will buy what they are selling.

    It really depends on how you got the emails and what you're marketing to them. Everyone on your list doesn't have endless money to toss around.

    If you're selling products that need to be purchased over an over again, because they are consumable you'll have much more success selling them, when they see a deal in their inbox to repurchase the item.

    Then the .30 cents or more per email becomes reasonable.
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