Which option is better to increase the conversions in my email list (weight loss)?

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I' have just started building a female weight loss list and I want to know what will be the best option in the below scenarios provided that I have about 15 followup emails and I sent about 2-3 emails per week:

1. Promoting two products with just affiliate links inside my weight loss followup series.
2. Promote more than two products in the followup emails. (if yes then how many?)
3. Have separate promotional emails between the followup emails.

Also, how many subscribers are required to tell that you have a successful converting list and in that case what will be the accepted conversions rate?

All suggestions are welcomed and people experienced in weight loss niche are most welcomed to share their opinions.
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    Oh man, there are many questions I have on this...
    I'd personally venture a guess that the answers to your questions can be found in the market research you did when you targeted building out your list. What those women want, where they hang out at, how they talk about their problems, what keeps them up at night, etc. should (will) give you the clues you need to answer your questions.

    You did that research, right? Surely you didn't just slap up a squeeze page and start advertising/driving random traffic to it... Right?

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    What was the source of traffic?

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    I have promoted a bunch of weight loss. I have only promoted free trials + S/H.

    I also promoted what was hot...what was Dr Oz talking about.

    I never tried to sell in the email, its purpose was to just generate interest/curiosity, so the users clicked.

    A quality pre-sell page made a significant difference in conversions.

    You say you are using Bing, so I would generate a separate list for each product and only initially promote it. Then if they don't convert is a reasonable amount of time, you could start cross promoting products.
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    Hey man, please listen to Igor Kheifets stuff at the Listbuildinglifestyleshow.com. He is one the greats in email marketing and should be able to answer alot of your questions perfectly.
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    This depends on how many people are opening your emails to read. Otherwise it does not matter.

    You can put a link in every email if you want. But that link should add value to your email.

    When someone joins your list they have some expectation from you. The expectation may be to lose weight.

    If they came from a specific Opt-In page then there was some promise on that page that they want fulfilled. And if your promise was to give them a way to lose weight. And if it is by the way of showing them this wonderful weight loss product. Then you should send them a link in every email.

    They may unsubscribe. But that is fine. It is of no use to leave people on your list who won't take your offer for which they are there.

    So think about the value you are adding to your list. And instead of thinking in isolation about your emails and optin seperately. Think about the entire funnel as one unit.

    So build an anchor for the entire funnel from Adv copy to email list to auto responder series to sales page to payment to post sale support. That way you will will have everything working for you in unision.

    I don't think we should just think about what links to put in an email because that is minute details and not required.

    Hope this helps.

    Stay Focused. Stay Rich.
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