MailChimp list with 65 emails, 49% open rate, 19% click rate... but only 1 sale from campaigns?

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MailChimp list with 65 emails, 49% open rate, 19% click rate..........1 sale???
I am new to email marketing. I ran Facebook ads to people in the US who liked Udemy and were into the IT career fields.

I sent them to a landing page asking them to enter their email address and I would send them discounts to Udemy courses in the IT field. I spent $186 and collected 65 emails.

Once a user confirmed their email address, they were redirected to Udemy under my affiliate link. This generated 13 sales worth $66.80.

I then had an autoresponder that had 6 emails spaced 3 days apart with a 49% open rate and 19% click rate. I checked and when you click the courses they are indeed on sale as promised. Out of the 65 emails the automation hit there was only 1 sale worth $4..... What in the world am I doing wrong there??

I also sent out 4 campaigns trying to get them to buy various courses at a 95% discount. The first campaign generated 6 sales worth $28.80. The other three emails didn't generate a single sale...even though they averaged 48% open and 17% click rate.

So I need help. I spent $186 and made $95.60 in the first month.

Is there anything anyone can suggest that I do better? My average conversion on Udemy is $4 per sale. Is that too low to make money on as an affiliate? Do I need more emails to make more sales?

I feel like I am fundamentally missing something...

Any help much appreciated!
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    You spent $186 and made $95.60 in the FIRST month.

    And you have a list of 65 people who are very responsive to your emails.

    Instead of concentrating on your FIRST month, this campaign will be considered successful once you are able to generate another $95.60 on the SECOND month with the same list and after that you will have a positive ROI month after month.

    What matters more is the Lifetime Value of a Customer. This same 65 emails you collected today might worth $500 in 6 months and that is a very good ROI.
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      Originally Posted by Risktaker89 View Post

      What matters more is the Lifetime Value of a Customer. This same 65 emails you collected today might worth $500 in 6 months and that is a very good ROI.
      Just a heads up guys. It never works like that. Every email list suffers from churn (people unsubscribing or marking your emails for the trash or spam folder).

      Even without actual churn a list will become more non responsive if the same offers are sent or offers of any kind are sent too often.

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    its pretty good results for list size like this, it means that you are on the right track. You can optimize your facebook ad campaign to pay less for clicks or you can promote courses that cost more so you will get more in return.
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  • You are doing good you received 49% open rate 19% click rate and 1 sale,
    But the worst thing is you spend $186 to collect 65 emails. try to change the landing page do A/B testing.
    As an average for $186 you have to get minimum 150 email. refer some YouTube video and create good landing page and optimize the Facebook ad for lesser cents.

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    First you need to reduce the cost of your email marketing.

    $186 for a single sale in not at all good ROI.

    And, when you are doing email marketing the ROI is depends on the multiple factor like timing of your campaign, your subject of campaign, your campaign body etc.
    You need to do A/B testing before sending campaign to your all user.

    "SwipeMail" will reduce your monthly email marketing cost from $186 to $20. And, work with you to improve your campaign content too.
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    If I said it once I'll say it a dozen times more: 65 people on a list, ... 49% opens, that's 32 people, 19% clicks that's 12 clicks ...
    These numbers are way too low to give you any basis for a decision.

    Numbers that low are random results, highly influenced by outside factors.

    Grow your list, get your number of opens to 500 at least, collect data over a period of time.
    Only THEN you will get any reliable numbers to base decisions on.

    Over time - as someone suggested, you will also optimize your ads campaigns and lower the cost per subscriber.
    But still, even when optimizing campaigns, you have to respect the law of big numbers.
    You cannot optimize a campaign after 100 or 200 clicks.

    Keep on doing what you are doing, collect the data, see where the leaks and flaw are, optimize
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    I think if you reduce the cost of your email marketing, you might just crack it.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies! So I am going to focus on my marketing costs.

    My landing page conversion rate was 22% (284 visitors, 62 conversions). Conversion being considered a confirmed email address.

    A couple of reasons for this was that I was forwarding people on to the discounts before I made them confirm their email address. Once I forced them to confirm the email address first my opt-in rate went way up. I didn't make this change until the end of my Facebook ads program.

    So that is fixed and I think I will have a much higher conversion rate on my landing page now.
    For Facebook, I ran about 8 ads... The one ad that won out cost about $0.58 a click but it took a lot of my $186 to find that ad was best. I am going to use this ad for my new campaign.

    My new budget is $240. I will keep you guys posted on how this run goes!
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