Are Facebook likes to your page as good as an email list?

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I find, Having someone to like your page is easier than having someone opt in to your email list

I have an FB page with 100+ likes in only a week while 0 email list opt in

Is having a facebook page as good as those in your email list?

do they convert as well as those in your email list?
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    Given how abysmal FB's organic reach is, unless you have really shareable viral content I'd think that an email list is better

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      I agree. I have a page with 1000+ likes but I rarely get 100 reach if I won't exert some effort to share the posts.
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    This is a one year old article, but... It certainly applies

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    Compare your average email reach with what seems to be the new normal in Facebook organic reach (caveat, these are from 2016)
    In fact, using stats from Socialbakers and analysis from Unmetric, BBDO found that, during the months of May to July this year, only 3% of the top 100 brands with the most engagement were supporting more than 80% of their Facebook posts with non-organic, paid distribution. Of those brands, Cadbury Dairy Milk had the highest percentage of promoted posts having posted four times during the research period and promoting each post. Starbucks paid Facebook for 97% of its 33 posts and soft-drink brand Guarana Antarctica paid for 87% of its 23 posts.
    And that is for big brands Source

    Here's the sad truth:
    - A 1% organic engagement rate these days is considered "good"
    - The more likes your pages has, the more that goes down
    - If you worked your butt off or spent any money to get to 100k likes, I'm betting you are NOT going to be happy with only 1k engagements (likes, comments, shares) per post. When the Facebook algorithm was generous a few years ago, many people focused on it heavily, and practically built their homes on someone else's land. (This is never a good idea, but it happened because FB was a free for all at one time.)
    - Essentially, Facebook is now pay-to-play

    But there's also GOOD NEWS!

    - Facebook marketing is CHEAAAAAP compared to other media buys and marketing avenues
    - The data Facebook gives you is amazing. All of their privacy-killing-moves have paid off handsomely in terms of data and marketing tools.
    - It's the perfect testing ground for small budgets. The data you gain from Facebook marketing can be extrapolated and used across other channels that don't provide feedback, like magazine ads.
    -Now that Facebook is pay-to-play.... all you have to do is pay! Problem fixed!
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      Thanks for sharing.

      Yes, Facebook is CHEAP compared to perhaps offline media (TV/radio), but how flexible are they?

      For instance, I hear you can work out barter deals with TV/radio, thus effectively having NO-CASH advertising.

      Has anyone you know bartered with Facebook?
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    Well, email list is still a huge asset. Why people charge a lot for an email while it's really cheap for a like?
    Like is just an engagement bro.
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  • Getting likes in a Facebook page is easy but the Optin is depends upon the content in the Facebook page, If you looking for only Optin Facebook advertising will help you, or if you looking for free Optin change the content in the Facebook page

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    You do not own Facebook. The change of algorithm to make them more profitable will hurt you.

    Likes does not equal your surfers are taking any action on your page.

    There are thousands of feeds for them to scroll to actually take notice of your post.

    With an email list, you own them. When they read your emails, they will be less distracted. They convert better.
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  • Email is far better my friend. Your email subscribers are more qualified leads than facebook likes. Email subscribers opt in to your list because they are interested in your lead magnet which should be complimentary to your main product you promote. After they subscribe to your list they are yours to engage with as many times as you want. Facebook doesn't have control over your marketing practices. If you need some help creating a landing page send me a message and I can give you some advice.
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    I think this is now a more of a modern approach to building a list. I think Facebook can be an effective method in list building because we can engage more with our audience and therefore have more credibility.
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    Facebook recently launched "LEAD ADS"

    This has created a fantastic opportunity for email marketers to convert their likes into email subscribers.

    What is most appealing to me is that facebook autofills Firstname and Email address for you, since they already have this information in their database, Truely 1 click Optin

    So a Lead ad Funnel would look like this

    Create a FB Page ---> Get Likes (organic or paid --> Run facebook Lead Ad which targets people who liked your page --> Hook up your lead Page to Autoresponder like MailChimp or GetResponse
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    no...unless you have a social product like a restaurant of something like that its pretty much a waste of money in my book. But other do well. To me email marketing is where its att...way better the a FanPage to ME
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    I'd go with email every time :-)

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    Facebook is more about "branding", "social proof", that sort of thing.

    I don't advise you hang your hopes on Facebook.
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    Content from pages gets posted to people's timelines and somehow, they get read. Folks have tons of unread the math
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    Social media marketing is now ahead in the marketing world. People spend time on the social media these days than they actually spend reading mails
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    Yes, Facebook page audience are most targeted and they convert but it depends on your niche. Some niche converts very well and others are less. And email subscribers are always converted well. Finally, the conversion ratio of email subscribers to 1-3% where FB page audience conversion ratio is 0.5-1%.
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