How to get/search "FREE" Front-End Offers For List Building?

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Hey Warriors,

I know about PLRs but I don't need that. I want your suggestions on how to get free content (reports/videos/etc) that I can use for my list building and is absolutely ready made ready to use. Looking forward for your greatest ideas!

Also, do we have some free front-end offers in WarriorPlus, ClickBank, JVZoo etc? If yes, how we can find them easily, like, do we have some search criteria etc. within the respective platforms?

Thanks in advance!
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  • I've found the best way is to create your own content. Personally I create simple tutorial videos. It seriously only takes like 10 min to record a video. It shows your subscribers you're a real person and makes them trust you more. I personally use screenocast which is free btw. But if you really want free ready made you can do I quick google search.
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    Well use a plr until you create a freebie of yourself .Just search free plr in google and use them ,then start by writing a report in your niche pdf etc .Then change that plr
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    Thanks to all who replied, but, I would love to hear more from GURU Warriors! Please message. Thanks
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      Originally Posted by dreamingeyes View Post

      Thanks to all who replied, but, I would love to hear more from GURU Warriors! Please message. Thanks
      Maybe you are unclear on what the real GURU Warriors do. None that I know of uses free, ready to use lead magnets and none that I know of gives them out free to their competitors unless they are full of the guru's affiliate links.

      Lead magnets are one of the most vital parts of the marketing success puzzle. Why do you want to go free, ready made, and not put in any effort or your own personality?

      If that's what you are looking for, I'd humbly suggest your thinking about proper lead magnets and how the list building game works may need some fine tuning.

      Good luck.

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        That's really an awesome advice! I should have given it before as am a really lazy and dumb! Any way thanks a lot @Mark! To you, I would love to know, I have created my whole e-book which took me around a month and half .......... and now I have created a quick book that is some sort of action plan, that I am planning to use as a lead magnet. Though I will provide my e-book as a gift to my subscribers as well after few days within email sequence. What do you suggest??? I am basically in affiliate marketing targeting MMO niche. Would love to hear you very soon!
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