Building a list had lasting value

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I am a large solo seller, but I built my list with media buys. Most of my customers are solo ad guys needing to recharge their list with fresh leads. I am always happy to help out.

Now looking at the Udimi market, as I have sold 3,500 solo's at udimi in the last 18 months. MOST customers come into Udimi with a canned MLM sales funnel and have been told.. "Buy 50 clicks you will make money".... Well sorry to say...very few ever do. People miss the entire point of list building.... This is such a horrible thing. I had 2,000 customers at Udimi the VAST majority buy 1 50 click solo and then STOP. People that understand list building buy over and over.

Yes its nice to make money on a solo ad purchase, but it should not be expected. Sales do happen all the time and the more the better, but many solo ad customer buy a solo and are only selling that ONE item in their sales funnel (email sequence).

Fact is let say 40% opt in to your email list...only a few of those will ultimately buy, and if you are selling ONE item, well your shots of making money are bleak.

But wait a minute you have an email list! If you manage that right you can make money AT WILL whenever you want. My point in all of this is selling a solo is fine, building a customer base is better...WAY BETTER

People need to think of list building first, sales from marketing to that list will happen if you have fresh leads, and you know how to segment and set up campaigns based on your list real interest. Fact is there really is no true set and forget canned marketing package that will work long term.

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    Thanks for the tip! List building as well as email marketing will be a never ending game
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  • List building is low cost and powerful online marketing. thank you for sharing the tips.

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    Thank for sharing,
    I use List Building to send traffics to my site
    For me, it's easier than find traffic from Search engine since there is high competition in my niche.
    And the best thing is they actually interest in my site service since they have subscribed through my site.
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    I think this needs to be repeated again.

    Some people truly think that if they don't make sales right after the solo ad goes out that they are scams.

    Using solo ads should be viewed as a list building activity not a sales generating one.

    If the sales come in - the congrats.
    If not - then oh well keep building your email list and mailing your subscribers daily.

    Its really that easy.

    If You Are Still Struggling To Build Your Email List - You Need To Download This Free Report Because It Reveals... How To Get 100 Email Subscribers In Less Than 24 Hours... - Without Feeling Confused, Frustrated, or Overwhelmed
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    I cared about the segment part, may I know how you do that?

    Thank you for the tips

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      It depends on what autoresponder you are using.

      Some allows automation that when you click on a link in the email, they can be added/transferred to another campaign of your choice so that the emails you send to them will be more targeted.

      If in Aweber, after you send your first broadcast, you can actually target those who did not open / those who did not click on your links.
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    Yea this its logicaly that its important to make a big email list and money will come after that
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    I couldn't agree with you more. Some people fail to realize that Internet Marketing is a business (if you choose to make salary-replacing income from it). If you pay $1 and make $1,000,000 the next day is not a business, it's the lottery. And in any business, you invest first and reap the benefits later.
    List building is an essential part of the Internet Marketing business. But realize that list building (if you choose to the non-SEO route) is an investment. The benefit may not be profit initially, but it is the list of subscribers you get. Sure, some (or most) may be freebie seekers but if you make them the right offer, even a freebie seeker may become a buyer. The important thing is to buy solo ads from a reputable solo ad seller. Udimi is a good place to start if you're starting out. Hope this adds value to this post and is helpful to those wanting to build a list.
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    Yep, think long term and value adding

    I make FREE SEO/IM Software at
    PBN Hunter / Expired Tumblr Hunters / Backlink Finders and more all 100% FREE.

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    I can't agree more I'm a solo ad provider as well.

    And I have came across this phenomenon.

    People have to understand that it takes time to build
    a solid list, and yeah you got to invest to get a return.
    (not just in the product you sell but also the value you provide)
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    This is it. And why so many folks stress list-building. Especially successful folks. Especially folks who are successful. I have seen how things do get easier when you have traffic on demand. Or sales on traffic. Or anything on demand. All through list-building.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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    Nice article and thanks for sharing the tips.
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