What is your honest experiences with listbuilders?

by Jonah
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Just want to know what everyone's experience is, what they think, etc.

This isn't some cloaked ad post or something, I truly would like to know.

I should note that I own one, and I've developped software (unreleased) to post
to them.

But I'm genuinely curious to hear your experiences. Mine own opinion (unbiased
as much as I can be) is that yes, posting to them gets you opt-ins and leads,
and even sales. If you have an effecient way of doing it and you actually do it

Is it worth the time/effort for your situation? What do you think?

For me
I'll typicall get 1.5% clickthrough (from the ad) and about 5 % opt-in... roughly
not magical numbers or anything, but considering it takes a few minutes to login and post,
not bad.

However, I'm not exacly good about keeping up the routine. even on the one I own.

that's my own genuine experience.

Looking forward to hearing yours.

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  • It's depends on the niche which you are promoting, I will get 5% to 25% opt-in rate as per niche.
    average clicked rate is 7%

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      Yes. Email marketing is becoming out dated in my opinion. What with social media and all, there are more modern approaches such as connecting to an audience through a Facebook Likepage.
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    I think email list its the best in my opinion only its take some time until you make a decent list and a good relation with them to start to promote
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    You are the owner of ListJoe as i understood.

    Im with you. And I get some opt ins but the same amout i can get by providing value in blog posts, forum and so on, with less effort maybe.

    Now i have to give it a try again, since i started and used it long time ago.

    Do you use it only in your own or what else?
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    List Builders work great especially if one is low on budget. The only thing is that it will not be fully automated and it will be difficult to scale up with them. I am promoting one funnel using listbuilders/safelists and it seems to be converting well so I am just focusing on that particular funnel for now when it comes to listbuilders/safelists.

    However, it is making my monthly income increasing at the moment so no complains there...LoL

    Personal opinion, it is a good place to start off if one is low on budget. Learn to use them effectively and you can still see a growing residual income.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I think basically, if you're just starting out, it's a good option. Until you learn all the other techniques to get traffic to your site, it's a fast way to get started. It's good to hear everyone's opinions on this, good or bad.

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    Have you tried providing content filled emails to the safelists? As the owner of one I've seen strategies that work, and one of the most prominent is sending an ad with good content, same format, week after week. You become like a regular.

    Just a thought, hope that helps anyone else who uses them.

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    Wow... 5% optin?

    You need to try difference landing page now. (I got 30-40%)

    My opinion: List building is the best way to grow your revenue as a small business owner.

    My experience:

    - Only focus on just ONE funnel or you want to run out of your money on ads
    - Like any other material, you need to try again again and again... Don't quit too soon.

    Happy earnings!
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