Double Optin Or Single Optin...which is better for a new list?

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Would love if someone actually has some data comparing both options?
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    I have an experience when I purchased solo ads, my tracker told me that I have way more people who actually filled up the form than those who actually confirmed it.

    So since then, I have gone with single opt in when it comes to purchasing solo ads.

    At the end of the day, you will want to test it yourself. If you are using double opt in, your thank you page or the page your prospects are redirected to will need very clear instructions to go to their email address to confirm their email address.

    It will be a good idea to let them know that you are including something extra to make them want to stop what they are doing and actually going to their email asap.
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    Everyone is going to have their opinion which is better and why.With double opt-in you will get fewer subscribers because a certain percentage will fail to confirm for whatever reason. However, there are those that will say that those that confirm are higher quality / more interested and since they have to confirm can't enter a fake email address.

    I personally use single opt-in.

    I tell users on the squeeze page that whatever the bribe that they are getting for subscribing will be emailed to them. That way they know to provide a valid email address if they want to receive it. By doing this I have rarely ever seen someone submit a fake email.

    I watch my stats and prune the users that never open any messages or have failed to open a minimum of one message during x time period. By doing this I'm weeding out the lower quality users.

    This way I get all subscribers and have a quality list.
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      Thanks Diablo! This makes a lot of sense to me and seems a really smart way of maximizing volume while keeping quality. I appreciate the advice!

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  • As per the niche I choose the opt-in I am using single opt-in for most of the landing pages
    For higher quality product I used double opt-in. It is more quality and more buyers.

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    Single - anything else is wasted money and leads

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    It depends on where you are in your business.

    If growing your email list is your top priority, then single wins.

    If on the other hand - you're more interested in having a very clean list, then double wins.

    So ask yourself; which is more important at this point in your life?
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    The ultimate answer to this question...

    Do both.

    Build a double opt-in list and a single opt-in list.

    Send them the same emails and measure your results.

    If one does better than the other well you now have your answer.

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    Something I forgot to mention.

    As far as pruning you list of users that don't open...

    Resend every mailing to those that don't open. Then do it again, over and over for those that don't open. You do want to be careful not to be resending and getting really low open rates. This can affect your future inboxing.

    For those that you have the biggest problem getting to open. Test sending to them using a free Gmail account. It's just a fact that a free Gmail account probably has the best deliverability that exists. If you then still can't get an open, then remove those addresses.

    Also keep in mind that when using a free Gmail account, you need to run your own open, click, unsubscribe scripts or use a service like gmass.

    Note: you can setup like 10 Gmail accounts using a single phone number. So that gives you like 5000 per day that you could test with.

    In the end, you can significantly increase your opens for your messages. Even if you are getting 40%-50% open rates. That's still 50%-60% that didn't open.
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