Working with email marketing that accespts "work from home" / "make money" business

by balon
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I just signed up with a well known auto respond app.
In my first email submission my account was suspended because my business is with the "work from home" / "make money" industry.

Is there any solution where i can work in this industry and send emails?

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    I've done work from home / make money online / biz opp mailings with aweber
    while they do sometimes crack down on people who take it a bit too far, I never had any problems with them.
    Just try to keep your complaint rate and bounces low.
    Complaint rate must be below 0.1 %
    bounces are not that critical, but aim for below 10% - if you want to stay safe keep it way below that, cleaning out bounced emails from your list on a regular basis.

    Get Response also allows MMO / Biz Opp, I tried them as well, but results - I am talking about inbox rate, opens and click through - were not that good.

    Another one is mailrelay, but they are relatively new and small compared to the other two and will not give you the best inbox results

    I tried quite a lot of autoresponders and I got closed down very quickly by all of them expect the ones I mentioned.

    Another option is to host an autoresponder app like mailwizz on your own server and send through mailgun API
    They too allowed me to send MMO / biz opp.
    It is very likely however that you get assigned to an IP pool with lower reputation and get lots of bounces. For instance, I could not inbox aol at all from mailgun.

    Mailgun is an smtp relay. Like all relays, they charge per email sent and not per subscriber. So if you send low numbers of emails a month to lots of subs, this will be cheaper than aweber or get response.
    On the other hand, if you send lots of emails per month, mailgun will very quickly get a lot more expensive than aweber.
    I used to send around 1.5 Million emails a month through aweber for $69 - as my list was below 10k subs.
    You can look it up, but if I remember correctly mailgun will chage several hundred $$ for that amount of emails per month
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    Aweber and getresponse are going to be your top two choices.

    Most all ESPs have a free trial, so you could sign up and test your inbox placement and see how deliverability is.

    They also all have their rules listed somewhere and you can check ahead of time what they allow. If you can't find them listed, then contact them and ask or get the URL.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    18 Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    There are thousands of people using popular autoresponders to market to "work from home" people. You need to check on the spam scoring of your messages, and try and target them to a specific audience. If you are targeting a wide audience, you are more likely to get complaints, with people marking your messages as "spam".
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      Originally Posted by jdjenkins View Post

      There are thousands of people using popular autoresponders to market to "work from home" people.
      As I said, most of the popular autoresponder companies do not allow work from home emails. I KNOW; because I was shut down by them exactly for that reason.

      I forgot one AR company, Sendviper is a fav of MMO solo ad sellers, they have a reputation for never shutting down accounts.
      They also are not cheap
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  • There are of course the big two that have been mentioned before (Getresponse & Aweber)

    One free service, I stumbled across the other day was EmailOctopus. I stress that I have not used it, but from the little bit of research I did, it looked as if it COULD be a sensible low cost alternative to the big two.
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    Well try also some others autorespoders and contact them and ask if they accept work from home to be sure
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