Which email marketing tool will be appropriate for this need

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I don't know about the term that describes my requirement -

I have a series of training modules. I want that as soon as any person signs up, he should receive the 1st module, next day 2nd module, 3rd day third module and so on.
In between if anyone else subscribes, he should also start getting the same means the day he signs up he should get 1st module, next day 2nd module ....

I am exploring mail chimp. Is there any function to get the above thing done use as a free member.
Or there is any other email marketing tool available to get my requirement fulfilled.

If possible please suggest the free one' s, so that I can try them.

Currently I am using privy as lead generation on my site and connected mailchimp with it.

Any suggestion to modify this combination is also welcome.
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    You should host your video's else where, and just provide a link to view them using an auto-responder.
    Also, as I have mentioned many times in this forum, free options usually have very poor delivery.
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    All autoresponders do thing you're asking for.

    You set up a form to get their email.

    That triggers email 1....2......3......etc [you set up the no of days/interval

    Each new subscriber gets the same series of emails and information.

    So Fred signs up on Monday: and gets email 1.
    Tuesday he gets email 2 and so on.

    Wednesday: Mary signs up and gets email 1.
    Thursday she gets email 2 and so on.

    I think that is what you were asking?

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    I think MailChimp and LeadLake are two tools which give most qualified data.
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    Thanks to all.
    I found it in mailchimp under automate.
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