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Hello everyone,

I would be thankful if you can share with me your experience about how do you deal with your email list in this cases :

1 - A leads that go at the end of your email follow up and don't buy ?

Do you move them to another list and send them another email follow up sequence that aim to promote another affiliate product? or ...?

2 - A leads that buy at the end of your email follow up ?

Segment them and send them another Pitchs? or ...?

3 - Should i see results once i'm getting 100 leads ? or sometimes you need more leads to see your first sales?

Any more advice will be good for me as i'm beginner with email marketing

Thank in advance !
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    You should be seeing conversions with targeted leads. On average, you should be getting a bare minimum of 2 sales from 100 leads. But this is an average - some people might make a sale with the first few leads, or it might take 150 leads and you suddenly make 3 sales.

    As for segmenting the list, I wouldn't bother until you've proved you've got a converting sales funnel, unless you want to do some click-banking in the near future. For that situation, and for selling clicks for solo ads, it's good to have a separate buyers list.
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  • I think the information provided in the previous reply is spot on.

    Your focus should be on building some rapport with your subscribers and not just sending 'spammy - buy this' type emails. You can still include a link on every email, but makes sure you give your subscribers a reason for reading your mails ie make the contents useful/interesting/entertaining.

    If you do this there is much more chance they will stick with you AND invest in something you promote.

    I hope this helps.

    All the best in your online adventure.
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