How do I get my first email marketing consultant client?

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Hey forum! I am trying to get into the email marketing business and help ecommerce and shopify stores earn more money through email marketing. I have learned that a lot of shopify stores do little to no email marketing for their stores which makes them miss out on a good chunk of revenue and repeat customers. I am struggling to find a good approach to getting my first client. I have added myself to shopify Facebook groups and have tried to add and strike up conversation about email marketing with the members of the groups but so far it hasn't worked. Do you guys have any suggestions that could help me organically bring in my first client or two?
Thank you!
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    Set up a site,
    display your work on the site
    Display your cost clearly
    Make it easy for people to contact you.
    Pay for search ads. "Shopify email services" etc etc.
    Adwords & Bing

    Allocate a good % of spend on testing keywords. See what works, double down.

    Perhaps do a "We'll make your first follow up email for free" ... or offer something up front to give them a reason to contact you.
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    offer free report --> create opt-in page with said report as bait --> hammer out a killer email-marketing-will-make-you-rich autoresponder sequence --> send targeted traffic to your opt-in page --> they read your free report --> they read your emails --> they will want to know more --> you will have some clients

    ooops wait, I forgot, I don't have to explain, you already are an email marketing expert ... sorry
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    I am pretty sure that shopify has a bunch of email solutions already integrated.
    I would also suggest that you learn a lot more about email marketing and do it successfully before you decide to offer a service for people to you. If you dont do this, you might find yourself way in over your head.
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