Are subject lines the only thing that can affect open rates?

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My instinct says yes, but I may be overlooking something here. Let's say I want to increase open rates for my emails, is the subject line the only thing that I can test and vary?
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    You could test the day / time that you are sending.

    Test your inbox placement before sending to make sure you're not hitting spam folders.

    Prune your list of unresponsive users.

    Another thing you can do to increase the number of opens you get, but not the actual open rate is to resend your message to users that didn't open.
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      Wont resending to non opening users get me marked as spam?
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        Originally Posted by AlphaAlpha View Post

        Wont resending to non opening users get me marked as spam?

        I have NEVER gotten a spam complaint for doing it and I do it all the time...IT WORKS!!!

        You might get the occasional unsubscribe depending how aggressively you do it. But if someone unsubscribes over such, they probably were never going to buy anyway.

        Unsubscribes are not a bad thing.

        I'm very aggressive, I do it every day.
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    Here's what I would do to increase my open rates:
    1. Send the emails on Mondays and Wednesdays 6 am, or Tuesdays and Thursdays the same hour.
    2. Send a couple of informative emails on a subject that would interest my list. Add value information completely free there.
    3. Avoid those spammy titles that look like they are written by copywriters.

    Send these for 1-2 weeks and then send one of these every week and another one with sales products.
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    I think yes but its also other factors .If you build a good relation with your list people will open your emails also if you dont have a great subject line .But if you send only spammy emails promoting products then people are not so willing to open your emails even if you have the greatest subject line

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    Subject lines and inbox placement. Obviously if your hitting the inbox, subject lines are the only thing that control open rates, I would say time of day you emailed is probably 2nd thing that matters most.
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    I think Your Reputation as a sender is a bigger factor than subject line. Do you think people see subject line before who is the sender? I think you are wrong

    People first see, who is sending

    Then they see what he is saying

    Now this is very important point. If you have given respect to your subscribers, and have earned their respect then you will get massive open rates

    But if you have been spamming them with every next offer then expect little respect back. Always keep on giving value to your subscribers so they have a reason to stay on your list otherwise it just takes a click to unsubscribe from your list
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    What Bobby said.

    1st thing affecting your open rates is the SENDER
    • Who are you?
    • Do people know, like and trust you?
    • What's your relationship with your list?

    Dennis Demori
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    I have to agree with markhimeb sending the emails at different times of the day and also testing the headlines. Try coming up with three headlines for the same email and sending them out at different times of the day. Also make sure at this point you are adding a whole lot of value to your list. Talk like a normal person in your email and that will help. So often these guys are just sending the worst copy and paste stuff.
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  • Email marketing needs A/B. I know it's a lot of work but otherwise, you are lost in the space (assumptions in your case).
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