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by Gedd
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I just had my Mailchimp account suspended for no reason that I can see and they won't let me know how I can fix it.

Anyone recommend an alternative?
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    Why not try getresponse or aweber? They give you a free trial for 1 month and are not that expensive.
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    Were you sending something they don't allow?

    MailChimp is quite restrictive.

    What do you consider low cost?
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    Here is a resource that you can use to determine what kind of autoresponder you should use:

    Just answer the questions and it will tell you what it thinks you should use.

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    Thanks guys, I don't think I was doing anything I hadn't done before, that's why I don't understand.
    I think low cost would be Getresponse, thanks for the link Isaiah.
    Thanks again

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    Ha Ha, answered the questions and guess what they recommended? Mailchimp!

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    I found this one from an old post in here,

    They look interesting I will check them out and report back.

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    Thank you, this looks good. And not much more than the cost of an autoresponder. I have been giving myself headaches with Wordpress, plugins, integrations, etc. Just got it all set up, on my self help site and bang mailchimp shuts me out!
    Thank you Valerie!

    "] Gedd[/URL]

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    Thanks for sharing Gedd, pretty hard to get your hands on cheap autoresponder nowadays. I have my HellaLeadz account, and so far it has never let me down, but obviously, GetResponse and Aweber are much longer on the market. You might want to test a few autoresponders and then see for yourself which one fits you best.
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      I use Aweber, it works really good, great value for the price you pay.

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    Thank you for your feedback, I had a look at Hellaleadz, they look interesting, slightly cheaper than Builderall, but not so many features, but $2.99 month trial, but. . . so goes my head! Thank you Pedro
    I did contact mailchimp support sumonahmed27, they haven't given me a reason, I asked them if it was because I hadn't put in the "I may make a commission. . ." paragraph, but they just said "Your response has been submitted". And nothing more, no matter how many times I contact them. I am at a loss, I did everything I usually do when sending and this happened. Someone said, they don't like Affiliate Marketing, don't know if that's it, my last message wasn't anything different to my usual.
    Anyway thanks Guy's for responding.

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    Been with AW for over 9 years. Still the best, imo
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    Hi guys, thanks for all the suggestions, I looked into them all. While I was thinking about it I downloaded MailPoet for my blog ( and used that.
    Then I got an email and was about to delete it, as it was from a marketer who I don't usually read, but I'm glad I did'nt because he pointed me to "]Yoonla[/URL], I wasn't too excited at first, but when I found out it was nearly as good as Builderall and free I nearly had a connery!
    When I say free I mean the platform,software,integrations (done for you), are all free, I have to pay $1.99 a month for hosting and $15 a month for GetResponse, which is the one they use.
    So I suppose every cloud does have a silver lining, I lost mailchimp, but now I have a Marketers dream setup, with Affiliate and CPA income streams built in!
    Seriously guys,have a look,you won't be disappointed!
    Thanks again

    "] Gedd[/URL]

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    Here are some cheap autoresponders

    1. Sendshark - 50,000 subscribers for $25

    2. Email Octopus - 10,000 subscribers for $19 - My issue with this is doesnt redirect to custom URL

    3. Mailerlite is cheap too but doesn't allow affiliate marketing.

    4. Trafficwave - cheap too but ugly interface. I didn't even bother with it. $19 for 10,000 subscribers I think

    5. Getresponse - $15 for 1000 subscribers
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    There are so many alternatives available for Mailchimp you can use anything you want for your business purpose. Here i have listed some of the best alternative for Mailchimp.:
    1. Get Response
    2. Sparkpost
    3. ActiveCampaign
    4. Maropost
    5. AWeber
    6. Emma
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    That's the risk you take with a free service.

    I learned a long time ago

    if you're not paying for the product, you are the product'....

    Give aweber a try its newbie friendly..
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    Maropost is one of my personal favorite tool with low cost. I am using it for myself and it is working perfectly.
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    There are several other affordable email marketing tools that you can choose from, like Reach Mail it starts from $10, or Cake Mail, even though some of them might not beat MailChimp but they are very useful
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    here are top 6 email marketing automation alternative to mailchimp:
    1. getresponse
    2. Constant Contact
    3. Sendy
    4. Aweber
    5. sendinblue
    6. ConvertKit
    you can choose one from the list's.
    best regards.
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    Aweber is the best autoresponder tool at very low cost. You can also try this one for yourself.
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    What are your thought on Sendshark?
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    Best and Low Cost are really 2 different things. If you want to actually get your emails delivered, then you need a reputable company like Aweber or Getresponse.

    Why try and save $10/m when you can be losing hundreds/thousands because your emails aren't being delivered?
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  • If your onto affiliate marketing mailchimp won't allow that.. If you want an autoresponder.. you can check getresponse and aweber they are affiliate marketing friendly. In my case I use sendlane it's awesome for me...
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    hi Gedd, do you self host a website? if so you can use a self hosted software like mautic (free and open source) + SMTP service.

    Because you self host you get unlimited leads and only pay for SMTP service you use which usually works out much cheaper than the typical 3rd party service like aweber, getresponse etc... Amazon SES is currently 10c per 1000 emails so its a pay as you go. Send 1000 email = $0.10, send 10,000=$1 etc... there are other SMTP services but amazon was the cheapest I could find.
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    Your best bet would be Getresponse, it' cheap and effective.
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    I prefer aweber of get response. They are very good autoresponder company and they are among the oldest. They deliver ability is highly recommended. Is one of the respected company when it comes to email marketing.
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    I've been using Aweber nearly 10-years now and I highly recommend them. I used Mail Chimp for a brief period of time, but their policies towards internet marketing, make money online and network marketing made me decide to take my business elsewhere.
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    I'm using Mailingboss. It's a great UI, much better than Aweber or GR. The price is the best part and since I am using my own domain delivery is awesome.

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    Why not open a new MailChimp account with a different email address?

    I use ConvertKit, and love it. But it's not your budget autoresponder. If you are making money, it's well worth it.

    Don't let Internet Marketing overwhelm you... let's take the journey together! Build Money Machines!
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      Originally Posted by Highest And Best View Post

      Why not open a new MailChimp account with a different email address?
      I doubt the OP is still following this thread from 2017, but if he is, he'd probably be just as likely to have a second MailChimp account terminated. It's not the most IM-friendly autoresponder.
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    From different posts I have read is that Mailchimp does not like Affiliate marketing but they dont tell you that . Newbies starting out usually sign up because they offer free for I think about 2000 subscribers
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      Originally Posted by GaryBurke View Post

      From different posts I have read is that Mailchimp does not like Affiliate marketing but they dont tell you that .
      Yes they do - it's clearly stated in their TOS.
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    i work with Traffic Wave and they are cheap and powerful!
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