Can anyone guide me regarding my email marketing business?

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I send weekly articles on self-motivation (self-improvement) niche. I have 350+ subscribers and I generate 0-10 leads/day and my landing page is Your Way to Success. But, I have not generated a single penny till now. Can anybody tell me whether email marketing and self-improvement is profitable or not? or Should I stop working and wasting time in this niche? Please suggest some improvement in my landing page and the way I should work.

Ketan Pande
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    How do you expect people to look at your landing page
    when you haven't included a link?
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    It is more than the landing page when it comes to email marketing.

    There are many factors to consider.

    1. Are you emailing your list frequently enough?

    2. What does your product solve? Are you giving away all your good content in your emails and that's the reason they do not need to purchase your product?
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  • Eye catching Landing page is very important to build your list,
    The landing page which you created need more improvement, refer some YouTube videos or take some online marketing course to build good landing page.
    Email Marketing is hot you can earn good income if you have good relationship with your list,

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    Ketan, The answers to your question are most likely already here in the forum. I recommend doing some searching in this forum and you'll find plenty of good advice. Also consider the questions you ask. Broad questions are nearly impossible to reply to. I recommend making them more precise IF you can't find what you seek.
    Good luck.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    I give one tips, give a try but not sure. Below the subscribe now button, put a hyperlink with text message "subscribe now" again.

    I am not sure, do a test. Sometime small change will leads to big leap. thank you.
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    You want everything above the fold. Meaning, no scrolling for the visitor. Do not include too many steps in the process.

    there is no reason to subscribe. You offer nothing. your bullet points tell people what their problems are and you also tell them that your solutions is to sell them something.

    As long as you offer nothing, you will receive nothing in return

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    In addition to above suggestions, I think, this time you need to motivate yourself after defining your objectives in life. What is your passion? What do you want to do in your life? Getting 350+ subscribers is very small number to start earning money. It always takes time to set up a business. It demands lot of your time.... need to have patience.

    You need to work on your marketing / web presentation a lot.

    Good luck.

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    dear i think niche with your interest will help you

    Amit Mishra

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    There can be money made in any niche if you solve a problem... does your email campaign solve something and does it pitch a product that solves the problem? If not than you naturally will not make money. You may look into selling a course you do or become an affiliate for someone else's course on self improvement,,, Clickbank has several good products you could promote
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