How many times should I email a purchased list?

by Ron Diamond 21 replies
Hi guys. Not new to IM (not an expert either, especially with email) but this is my first post.

I'm not looking for answers on whether one should by lists or not, what I would really appreciate and like to know is what the best sequence would be when it comes to mailing ?

I have someone who is able to provide me with fresh opt-in data on a one week trial basis (meaning every day I will receive a batch of a few thousand subscribers) and I'm not sure how to play it.

So, if I am getting data on Monday, i'll send an email out to all those people, then on Tuesday when I get new email data shall I send a follow up to ALL the people on Monday again just to be sure? Or only the people that opened/clicked on the email?

Would really appreciate what the best + most manageable strategy would be here. Obviously I don't want to be mega aggressive, just aggressive enough so I ain't leaving money on the table!!!

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: If it helps, I'm not trying to build a relationship with these people or conver them to opt-in to my list, I know what they're interested in and I'm trying to offer them what they want.
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    As far as my experience goes it's better to build a list than buying one, just saying....
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    I do this for a living.

    If you are inboxing, then start out by mailing them 2-3 times per week.

    There is a limit that users will take getting nothing but offers in their in-box.

    If you are hitting the spam folder, there is really no limit and you need to be much much more aggressive to make a decent ROI.
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      Oh really? That's great and nice to not get a post on lecturing me not to buy lists too... Thank you for taking the time to chime in.

      Yep, I can inbox.

      So, would I be ok in following this 'follow-up' pattern?

      Mon: Mail Mondays email leads
      Tues: Mail Mondays email leads (again) and Tuesdays leads
      Weds: Mail Tuesdays email leads (again) and Wednesdays leads

      Would I be leaving money on the table following this pattern or from your experience would this be acceptable given I'm essentially mailing each list 2x a week?
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    I've been buying data for over 16 years.

    Those that tell you that you should never do it, probably read it somewhere and now preach it as if it's the truth or didn't know what they were doing and it didn't work out for them.

    There is so much money that you can make purchasing data that it's insane. Everyone that I know that is in the business and know what they are doing, for the most part, generate 6-7 figures.

    However, it's not for everyone and for many depending on what they will be promoting, it may be better to build an opt-in list.

    There really are no set rules. What you are proposing is fine.

    What you really want to do is watch your stats. If you are getting 1% opens that's bad. But is it the data, subject line or a deliverability problem. So it's all a judgment call. At the same time, if all your stats are good then just keep sending it.

    The real key, however, is to always be collecting your opens / clickers, segmenting and removing unresponsive users.
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      Thanks DIABL0.

      So, would be segmenting openers and clicker after essentially mailing the same list twice be enough?

      For example, I mail Mondays data on Monday. Then, I mail Mondays data again as a follow up on Tuesday. Then what I can do before I drop that data, is collect the openers and clickers and add it to my next mailing?

      Does that sound cool? Or am I nipping it in the bud too early? Ideally I'd like to do it that way as it would be the easiest way for me to track and manage to be very honest with you BUT if you believe that I'd be leaving a high amount of money on the table then I will do otherwise.

      Will this be ok or not really?

      Thank you in advance again DIABL0 - your help is appreciated.
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    I think this thread is helpful for me specially because I am looking for the same.
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    I've been emailing from an autoresponder for 15 years to my own captured leads only.

    I always send an email out to non openers the next day and the day after and this always generates income as much as 50% of the original email and maybe 20% for the third email.

    As for the 'opened but didn't buy' may have noticed one or two big name marketers are sending out an 'I know what you did' email.

    Says 'you went to look but didn't buy so here's another chance...(or 'did I not explain correctly')

    In my 'regular repeat customer scenario' it took me quite a few years to understand that even loyal fans are busy sometimes, or just put an email aside for 'later'

    I hope that helps

    Just an old goat who knows quite a lot about sales and marketing.

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      Good to now! Thank you for sharing that with me. So there is definitely merit to sending more than once for sure, naturally... Do you find sending at any particular time is best?
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        Originally Posted by Ron Diamond View Post

        Good to now! Thank you for sharing that with me. So there is definitely merit to sending more than once for sure, naturally... Do you find sending at any particular time is best?
        You should set up autoresponders to follow up
        make sure each new lead runs through the same sequence and gets one email a day or one per week or whatever frequency you find works best for your audience. There's no rules - you have to test

        When I get fresh data I usually send them through an activation campaign first, sometimes asking them to reply, with a short survey or asking them to answer a question or something like that.

        I then move the openers and clickers and those who answer to a new list, where I run the actual offer promotion sequences. One offer = 5 emails at least, mostly 7, sometimes even more.
        Then move on to next offer.
        Tag openers and clicks by interest, what products did they look at, what emails did they open. Retarget those tagged with even more follow up emails about the offer or interest. Or pitch a similar product.

        I usually run the activation campaign for a few weeks, if I can't get them to open in 30 or 60 days they probably won't open later and I dump them.

        BTW, don't forget to have your data cleaned by list hygiene service
        There's nothing an agnostic can't do if he really doesn't know whether he believes in anything or not
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    First try to make a list then do other staff
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    By segmenting, I was referring to the type of offer you sent.

    I heavily promote PPL offers, so I segment my opens/clicks by the type of PPL offer sent.

    As far as when to stop mailing a specific batch of data, as I said before you need to watch your stats.
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    Hmm ok.

    So I assume naturally that the bulk of my conversions I make will be in the first email / sending the follow up right?

    If I don't segment the openers and clickers as you say, how much could I be leaving on the table?

    I get that might be hard to say as it can vary but is it like 80% of the income or more like 20%. I have no clue so to get a ballpark figure would be enourmously helpful.
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    i've learned more in this thread on mailing than i have in the past 3 months - very very interesting, thanks a lot!
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    You are asking for statistics that no average really exists. There is good data and there is poor data and they are going to perform differently.

    I segment by the offer for using that data in the future. If I test an offer using opens / clickers and it doesn't perform to my satisfaction, I can test the segmented data which is more targeted.
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    first thing you need to do is start to collect Openers, Clickers, Subscribers
    for example if you send 1K per day, just forget that 1k at least for a week, and start collecting openers, clickers and subscribers after a month you should send to these clickers, openers and subscribers your best offers, then start again sending to non clickers, non openers and non subscribers to collect more and keep doing this
    one last thing, don't you ever send an offer over and over again to the same emails, and honor the unsubscribers
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    I would not personally buy a list,
    But as you have it then i truly believe
    emailing them every day or 2 is fine as
    long as your giving lots of value.

    Try communicating with them by asking
    question on what they want and have few
    bullet points n what you can offer.

    Build the trust between you and your list.

    Get them to know you, like you and trust you.

    Im no expert in emailing, but 1 thing is for sure
    that the more value you give to them free then
    the more likely they will like you.
    The more results they get with your help the trust
    will build up.

    and when the like and trust is there then you have a list that will want more from you...
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    mmmMMMmMm....Well, I think it just depends how great of a relationship you have with your email list. If its brand new, take it easy - you don't want to scare anyone off or come off too aggressive.

    So shoot like 2-3 broadcast emails a week

    If its been a while and your open rates sit at 21% or better, send 3-5 a week.

    Happy Marketing :-)
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    There is no rule of how many times or so to email the list it all depends on the relationshiƄp you have.

    But as I said earlier in my experience purchased lists are crap since they are not permission based.
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    It depends
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    After the initial mailing, I would segment/separate out open/no-click and click/no-buy for different treatment.

    > No-opens. There are lots of reasons you might not be getting opens. Repeat with different headlines for 30-60 days.

    > Open, no click. Repeat mailings with different angles on the offer.

    > Click, no buy. Try different angles, FAQ, etc. Try what Ryan (ASK) Levesque calls the "Do You Hate Me" survey, which essentially asks why they didn't buy.

    I think you may be wrong about getting most of the response on the first contact. Repeated exposure builds familiarity. Many product launches report half or more of the sales come on the last day. That's why you see so many sequences with 12 hours left, six hours left, one hour left...
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      Agreed John but if I am getting email data coming in everyday I think it will be almost impossible to keep track of everything for up to even 30 days! Does that make sense or is there an easy way to track?
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        Originally Posted by Ron Diamond View Post

        Agreed John but if I am getting email data coming in everyday I think it will be almost impossible to keep track of everything for up to even 30 days! Does that make sense or is there an easy way to track?
        Depends on your email service provider. You should have the ability to set up rules for certain actions.

        > IF message is opened THEN move to 'Opens' list
        > IF link is clicked THEN move to 'Clicks' list
        > ELSE leave on initial list

        This pretty much automates the process, so all you have to do is make sure you send the right message to the right list.

        Some ESPs don't have this, but they will let you filter your list by certain criteria, like opens or clicks.

        Best course of action would be to check out the support section of your ESP.
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