What is the Best Email Marketing Platform?

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Hello, new to the forum. We are starting to do some email marketing and I was wondering what platforms are better than the others. We are currently using Mail Chimp and to be honest we love it, but getting ready to start sending out a lot more emails.

What platform would you guys recommend to send out say 2k a day over the next couple months. Mail chimp allows 2,000 subscribers for the $25 a month. We were thinking it would be a pain to delete the subscriber list every time to send another 2,000. There has to be a good way around this or another platform that allows more subscribers. We are fine investing a couple hundred per month for more. Should we just upgrade on mail chimp or is there a better less costly one out there.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Just upgrade your account with Mail Chimp if its working for you.
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      Thanks for the reply. Yes mail chimp is working but we just started and only on the free version. Once dialed in we will be doing a lot more than the 2k the free version allows. Just weighing out options before I pull the trigger on the paid version. $150 for 20k on mailchimp is the front runner as of now, but like I said we are Totally new.
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    What exactly do you mail?
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      My company - Digital online marketing specializing in SEO. Mailing to specific niche's promoting a tripwire. So the number won't be in the hundreds of thousands, more like 20k to 50k when we're done. But I'm thinking 20k will be plenty as we can purge the emails that aren't open, unsubscribes, etc...
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    ZOHO is the best Email Marketing Platform.
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  • I would suggest you spend some time learning about SENDY. Its not expensive and might be the thing you looking for if it works for you.
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  • Thanks to all of you for sharing Email Marketing Platform, I am new to this topic and want to grab each and every thing about Email marketing as soon as possible.
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    Mail Chimp And ZOHO is the best E-mail marketing platforms
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    No body can tell you which is the BEST email marketing platform.

    They can tell you which of the ones they use work well....but not which is the best one.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Yes I would suggest ZOHO mail.
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    helisell took the words right off my fingers, so I won't repeat them.

    Beyond that, this topic has been beaten to death, and usually ends up with the sort of unqualified one-liners you see here.

    If you need to read more of those, use the search function and you'll get your fill.
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