How can Grow my Email List Using Ebooks

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Hello Everyone
I have a lot of e-books and i have the rights to sell them and use their content But what I d Like to do is Grow my Email List.
And also i am having issues with the open rate , it is really Low, so How can I make email marketing work. What tips would you recommend to make more people open my emails, not deleting them straight away.
and thanks in advance
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    What about providing your readers a lot of value within a Soap Opera Sequence?
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    A Soap Opera Sequence (SOS) is an email series methodology created by Andre Chaperon. You can get a good overview of it here:

    The sequence allows you to use tactics like open loops and storytelling to build engagement with your audience.

    As you've seen, the size of your list isn't as important as the engagement. An SOS, done right, can help you improve that engagement.
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    Oh Thank you Chris
    I will give it a try...
    but please, if you Guys have any other methods, do not hesitate....
    I ll be more than happy to implement them to increase my open rate and CTR.
    Thanks in advance..
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    No problem, if you have questions about implementing the series, let me know.
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    It is good to have a collection of ebooks because you might end up lots of subscribers in your list and turn that list into buyer later on.

    Here is what I am doing to increase my email open rate. I send them free ebooks as and when I get a free item from my product purchased bonus page. Subsequently, send them affiliate offer with curiosity subject line "You Could Earn More & Work Less With This..."

    With this method I have increase my open rate to the highest of 50% but to be honest I can't keep that open rate for long because the more offer I send the list may burn out and my open rate depleted. Hope this help
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    That is a great idea
    I LL try it and keep you all informed
    Thank you Terra
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    Great question! With all PLR the idea is to custom or tayler the content to you. Thats how you increase your click throughs. Always make small minor changes and do not just do the whole thing.

    What you can do is take some content and give it away for free and then you can have the full ebook or version as a front end product to sell to help cover your cost.

    Again make small changes such as a headline or image change. I learned this a few years ago when I built a page and sent some traffic and nothing. Not one lead. I changed an image to something goofy off the wall send some of the same traffic and bamm I was coverting at around 40% or something like that. You need to do this through your entire funnel process. It takes a little work but is easy your not one of the other 10,000 other affiliates promoting the same things saturating the marketplace.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Please use auto responder system.
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    For email marketing, I would recommend learning how to write highly engaging sales copy first.

    Because how can you expect for people to keep reading what you have to say if you kill them with boredom every time they open up one of your emails?

    The best resources to become a better copywriter can be found from Andre Chaperone and Joe Sugarman.

    These guys know their stuff!

    Now, the second thing is to build a high converting sales funnel. Right after someone subscribes to your list you're going to want to have a thank you video set up and a tripwire offer.

    The thank you video will help to develop a relationship with your leads and the tripwire offer is designed to capture the trigger happy buyers.

    A good tripwire offer will usually range from $1-10.

    And in your follow-up sequence, I have a 5-day video training series that I give to my leads that provides nothing but value but also helps to strengthen that relationship.

    And for the next 25 days, I have follow-up emails in place that entertain, educate and sell my core product that's $49.00. This also has various upsells further along in the sales process.

    But that's generally how I do it and if you want to see results from your email marketing - you should try to emulate the same type of model that I just shared with you.

    Good luck!
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    building a high converting sales funnel and the follow-up sequence , that s what needs to be done perfectly, and that's what everyone needs
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    When you are saying that you open rate is low...but what do you mean exactly

    It could depend by lots of factors. Try to ask your prospects what they really want, I mean conduct some survey

    And... is your list really in target

    How did you acquire your leads

    Did you use some tools like glockapps to see if there is a problem of deliverability

    Beside of that, if you have plr ebooks you can use them like giveaways, with some promoted Facebook post, but take in consideration that these plr books are widely used, and your subscribers could already have them, and put you in a bad light
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    That is Right , I think PLR Products needs To be deeply modified before use
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