How to convert traffic to leads?

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Fellow Warriors,

I am able to generate pretty good "traffic" for my affiliate marketing business via free- and fee-based marketing methods. However, I am falling far short of my expectations in converting "traffic" into "leads" (specifically "opt-ins to my email list builder). I appreciate your advice on how to maximize "leads" beginning today (e.g. tighten-up my split-test multiple landing pages, avatar-specific messaging, polish my Calls-to-Action, etc, ... all of the above, other?). Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur (
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    Are you using a copywriter for the landing page? You need to understand sales messaging with good copy.
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    A few tips on landing pages:

    Keep it simple

    Make sure your headline is interesting enough so that somebody wants to leave their email address behind.

    Make sure that you have a call to action asking them to enter their details

    Change your "Submit" button to a better Call to Action - better if you can tailor it to your landing page.

    Keep it above the fold.

    Make sure it loads fast.

    Next, you need to understand your target audience and your traffic source too. Different traffic source will yield different results.
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  • The feedback listed is all great advise that I agree with. I would add two things.

    1. you said the traffic converts "far below your expectation". What is your expectation? Site traffic that converts at 2% would be considered pretty good in my book so maybe you're setting the bar too high.

    2. if you're getting most your traffic from affiliate marketing, I would try getting your traffic from another source and see how the conversion rate is impacted. Affiliate marketing in my experience is known for generating a lot of traffic that doesn't convert well compared to other marketing channels.

    Long story short, on top of trying the advice others have listed here. The problem might not be your site. You might see higher conversion from a difference traffic source.
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    There's your problem.

    Site looks fine, but it looks like a blog or article collection. Yes, there's a free offer in the top right corner, but my eye wasn't drawn that way and I didn't even read the word "Free"...I stopped glancing after "Get yours" because what I was interested in was answering my question of "What's this site about?"

    And I don't really know.

    WHO is your ideal visitor?

    WHAT do they want, what would they value, when they visit?

    HOW are you going to capture that lead?

    You need an offer on the home page that gives your target visitor something you know they really want...a solution to something they've actually told you they have a problem with.
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    I highly recommend you to build your sales funnel to make money as an affiliate. Here is the process:

    Traffic ==> Landing page ==> Thank you page ==> Email Marketing/Telemarketing follow up...

    Keep testing everything until it's enough...

    For lead capture page, the average is between 30-40%.
    For sales conversation rate, it can be 2-10% depend on your niche.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hi Lawrence,

    Getting clear on your free content - by providing oodles of valuable, helpful, targeted content through your blog, through live broadcasts, videos, podcasts, etc - can do the trick.

    As folks visit your blog and join your list, the value you provide generously inspires them to go from casual visitor to customer.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    write words that touch their emotions. if you want to convert traffic to leads and sales You have to read about copywriting. to read words that sell. to know words that convert, to make visitors feel something about you
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    so when theres traffic and not conversion (optin) something is broken in the process. either in the traffic itself of the landing pages. you should optimize the landing page or lead capture method you use. segment the traffic. make your traffic as targeted as possible to specific audience from the whole traffic. you will never know what perfectly working until you split tests landing pages and traffic.

    Also make sure you use irresistible lead magnet. put yourself in the visitor shoes, make them wanna optin.
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    Hi Lawrence,

    I looked at your site and can see on the top right hand side a free trial link. I think that this could give visitors the idea that you want their credit card details and that they would automatically be rolled into a subscription. I think that your banner should be moved to the left of the page. I could only partially see it when I reached your page.

    Best wishes
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    Hi Lawrence, a further thought is that on the banner you mention that 23101 copies have been sold and that I could have one for free. This could lead the visitor to think that the material is now old hat and can nolonger be sold.
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