The Future of Email Marketing

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Hi gang,

I just stumbled upon this article. I thought it was quite interesting and wanted to share.

Anyone else like to offer up their opinion on the future of email marketing?


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    I think Getresponse is the best email marketing for new and pro blogger and marketer.
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      Getresponse is indeed very good. I like aweber quite a bit as well.
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    Getresponse is the best email marketing
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    Great article but Aweber gets my vote.

    Tested a lot of AR's during the years and Aweber wins in deliverability..

    Getresponse tends to send too often the emails in the spam folder
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    GetResponse can be really hit or miss in terms of deliverability, and what IP pool you end up in.
    Aweber seems to be more consistent with delivery over the longer term.
    SendGrid and Maropost are some other good ones as well.
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    Scott, I think too many people are looking for sig drops rather than discussion. Only one response even acknowledges reading the article.

    As for myself, I see a fork in the road coming.

    Large companies will dig in on AI, big data, and automation.

    Smaller companies and solo businesses will focus on personal connections and engagement.
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  • I think for the most part, if you use email marketing best practices you'll be fine.

    what I mean by this...
    Segment your list to send to your most active users.
    Send relative content to the users
    Never stop AB testing
    Have a healthy text to image ratio
    Minimize the amount of links you have in your email
    Don't hide your opt out
    Optimize for mobile

    The industry will ultimately move towards domain based reputation more so than it is now. What this means is it wont matter who you use or what ips you use. Reputation will be tied to your sending domain.
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    Good one. Thanks for sharing.

    I personally believe email/mailbox are essential to any online business. just imagine Amazon without emails (notifications, updates, marketing..) lol
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    The article is full of information. I would not be suprised if at a future time that you will have to a pay a fee per email that you send from an autoresponder. I am thinking of a government levy.
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    Email marketing as we know is the one of the biggest and huge successes for e commerce market and online stores. It has the power to keep the customer engaged in your business as well as drive conversions and bring revenues for businesses.

    Email autoresponders are a great way to stay in touch with the audience and communicate effectively without much botheration. The order confirmation emails, order update emails, delivery emails etc are all examples of auto responders. These are pre programmed emails that are delivered to the audience in a certain time frame.
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    Email marketing is still a good marketing technique, however the outcome will depends on your marketing strategy. Opt in emails are important, sending mass emails is a no, no and just a waste of time.

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    Hi, email marketing as of far is the most legit way as permissions have been given by subscribers who opted in. Email is used for business while Facebook & Twitter are more for social media. The former has the best conversion and remains a great choice of communication for promotions, news, sharing valuable content and insight. It's the best mode to connect with an audience to build relationships and business. The number of emails projected growth is 5.2 billion or more in 2018.
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    Hi, I am using both getresponse and aweber...

    Getresponse is good for..
    1. Automation and workflow
    2. getting started with single optins for newbies
    3. Segmentation is better than aweber

    Aweber is good for...
    1. Rock solid deliverability (ultimate job of email company is inboxing)
    2. Simple interface (Getresponse started rolling out new interface)

    I advise to test self hosted solutions like mailwiz, interspire etc..
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    I sell my products mostly through email marketing.
    I think email marketing will remain as the easiest and cheapest way of marketing in future too.
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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    I think interactive emails is a great point in that article. Definitely huge value in that, the more time you can take out of the transaction for your buyer, the better, and that's what I think doing things like placing add to cart buttons inside emails could do.
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    I think that personalizing messages based on the needs of each segment is the future.

    I'm doing that now and my list is much more engaged because they are getting more relevant emails.

    It takes more work but once you start seeing the stats in your back end you'll never go back

    I'm signed up to other marketers lists and I can easily tell the difference between someone who is just sending out the same emails to everyone VS sending me relevant emails based on my interests/segments.
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    Email Marketing is awesome tool fro B2B marketing.
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    recently i am still doing email marketing but i always get so much sales from email marketing. so it's a great for us
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    Email marketing will be part of B2B Marketing
    Email Marketing is best source for generate leads but it's necessary to
    handle with care for every email.
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    well, it depends on governmental private policy decisions or global private policies.
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    For email marketing purpose you can use drip marketing tool. It is very good tool for email campaigning.
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    According to me, Marketing Automation is the future of online business and soon it will replace traditional email marketing. The question is why someone will spent over email marketing if they can get complete engagement customer tool (email marketing, drip campaign, website tracking, lead scoring, contact management, progressive profiling, dynamic content, social monitoring) at the same cost.

    Brief comparison between email marketing and marketing automation.

    Email Marketing:

    If you're like most marketers, then you already love email marketing. It's a proven way to build trust with prospects, enhance relationships with current customers, and encourage loyalty.

    One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that it moves business conversations to a more personal environment: the customer's inbox. Additionally, email marketing typically costs less than direct mail, print advertising, or trade shows.

    But email marketing presents unique challenges as well.

    Since each contact generally receives the same content -- a newsletter, a thank you or follow-up email, or even an introductory auto-responder series -- it's difficult to send personalized communications. As your audience grows, you rely on static campaigns and separate lists, rather than one database of contacts that can be segmented and sorted into multiple campaigns. Your customers aren't all the same, but email marketing often treats them as if they were.
    Another challenge is the ability to directly attribute revenue to your email marketing efforts. Of course, most vendors provide metrics such as open and click through rates, but these data points don't always connect to revenue or show if your campaigns are increasing sales long-term.

    Marketing Automation:

    The confusion around marketing automation and email marketing stems from the fact that they are both rooted in email. Though both use email as the primary means of communication, it's easiest to think of email marketing as the starting point that marketing automation builds from.

    Full marketing automation systems go beyond the inbox to let you nurture leads and automate campaigns. In addition to email marketing, a good marketing automation system provides the following capabilities:

    - Email marketing
    - Drip campaign
    - Landing page development
    - Website visitor tracking
    - Lead management (capture, score, and nurture)
    - A centralized marketing database
    - Native CRM integration
    - Data analysis and reporting
    - Dynamic website content generation
    - Multi-channel campaign management
    - Social monitoring
    - Mobile/responsive design
    - ROI and revenue reporting
    - Built-in ISV integration

    Marketing automation tools help you identify which stage of the buying process your prospect are in, and then guide them to the next stage -- until they eventually convert into a customer.

    If you need Marketing Automation I would suggest you - PlugTalent
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    In the business world, results are arguably all that matters. With this in mind, most of the businesses invest in email marketing due to fantastic ROI. Email marketing is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective technique used by many.

    Email marketing will keep growing. Right now, the number of emails sends on behalf of our customers is growing faster than the growth of our customer base. This means more emails per customer year over year, which reveals a continual high demand for email that we expect only to increase.
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