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The highest paid skill that you will ever learn is learning the art of writing high converting emails. Copywriting is a skill that every marketer should be required to learn because it's that important.

When you develop a writing style that allows you to sell tons of product - the sky is the limit in the internet marketing space. It's actually one of the skills that I put my full focus on in the beginning.

Although, at the time, I didn't really understand the level of importance because of my lack of experience. But as soon as I was introduced to the concept of building an email list, I knew that it was something that would bring in large sums of money.

And email marketing accounts for a large portion of the money generated for most internet marketers. So, you would do yourself a huge favor to learn copywriting right away.

When I was first getting started, I learned from Joe Sugarman and Andre Chaperone. These two guys helped form the style that I use today.

I discovered several techniques that I've learned from these two marketers that changed the way I approached writing high converting emails. So, here's what you can do to kickstart your email marketing efforts in little time.

When writing your emails, I found that if you structure your format in the following way then it helps set the stage for what you're going to say in the email:

1.) The opening of your email should contain a question, fact or statement.

2.) You then tell a story that leads into the marketing message for your product.

3.) And finally, you create the CTA that you want people to go to.

This is a simple formula that I use to structure all of the emails that I write for my list. But there is still some other basics that you have to understand before you put that structure into practice.

And that has to do with sentence structure. The readability for your emails needs to appeal to everyone. Some of your subscribers may not understand English very well.

So, write your emails with a short sentence structure in order to improve the readability of your sales copy. The style that you come up with when using this format ends up looking very appealing to your audience.

Especially if you write in a way that is directed at a single individual. You can do this by using words like you, your or even their name in the sales copy.

Allow yourself to get creative with it too. Try mixing up this format with your own unique style. What you come up with may just take your copywriting to the next level.

The sentence structure in the above paragraph is a good example of this formatting being put into action. If you like how it looks - feel free to use it in your emails.

Another thing you may have already noticed about the way I write is that I leave lots of white space. This also increases the overall readability of my writing.

I like structuring my blog posts in a similar way to my emails because it gives me more practice. And the more I practice writing, the more sales I'm going to make due to me mastering the craft.

Writing high converting emails basically, comes down to practicing consistently. Practice is how you get good at anything in life. And if you take the time to practice your craft then your bank account will thank you for it.
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    Great Strategy , But is there any way that someone can do this fast , Like finding templates that are great and converting , and then just fill in the banks to make them more unique ....
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      Sure, if you do a Google search for, "Fill-in-the-blank email templates" you should be able to see some of them come up.

      Then all you have to do is copy and paste those templates and send them out to your list.
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    Thanks for the great info, and I personally agree to all of them

    The fact is that there isn't a recipe for being successful in copywriting

    ...EVERYONE has to develop HIS OWN STYLE in copywriting

    this leads to the word itself WRITING: one has to write for developing a good way of compelling sentences and stories

    You can get inspired by a lot of Masters but in the last instance you have to test, rinse and repeat.
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      Hi Chris,

      Good advice and I vibe with Connann's advice too.

      Find your own style.

      I converted better when I scrapped trying to manipulate folks with cleverness, or silliness, or a hook, and simply said: here you are, this is what I offer and how it helps you.

      I felt clear on that. So that is what sells for me.

      Other bloggers or marketers feel clearer on going more in-depth which works for them.

      All has to be alignment with your style, what you are clear on.

      Readers who have bought into me, my blog and brand simply buy my eBooks when I write "In case you haven't picked it up yet, buy my latest eBook here," because they trust me.

      Lamest hook ever, a 3 sentence email with that CTA lead off sentence, a sentence summing up a blog post and the blog post link, but my readers vibe with the free value I have shared with them over months and years, so I call them to act, and they act.

      Again, other folks may follow your 3 steps which are solid advice too, and find success there.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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        The 3 Steps are just the barebones of what it takes to be a copywriter.

        But providing great value to your audience and building up that reputation is the most important thing when making sales with email marketing.

        So, well said.

        I couldn't agree more. Just being authentic with who you are and sounding like yourself is how it should be done.

        Thanks for sharing your perspective.
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      Yes, I definitely agree.

      Finding and developing your own copywriting style will always be the best decision.
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