Email Marketing Platform that Accepts Cryptocoin Related Content to Be Send?

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Hi Warriors,

Recently I got kicked out from Mailchimp (and before that from Benchmark Email) because I was violating their terms of service. The reason was because I was sending a daily newsletter to double opt-in subscribers about crypto related news.

It seems that crypto's are not welcomed by email marketing providers. Does anyone know a good email marketing service that will allow me to use their service around this niche.

Note: I do not spam my subscribers. They get a daily newsletter send automatically to them every day.
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    Did MailChimp suspend you first and did they state the crypto data as being the reason or are you assuming that was the reason?

    I assume you had all the required stuff included like unsubscribe and address, etc.
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      I assume that this was the reason. All the requirements were included in my campaigns.
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    Have you ever considered reaching out to the ESP prior to signing up and starting your campaigns and sending them examples of the email content you are planning to send on their network?

    If you still have trouble with those ESP's accepting your content, have you considered doing a self hosted solution?
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      I though of setting up a self hosted email account. The problem is that I believe that it is too technical.
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