Anybody knows any good solo ads providers?

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What's the best solo ads providers right now? Didn't have any idea about the providers as i am new to this. Need to try this out. Anyone knows any?
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    You can find The best solo ads providers in facebook groups.

    There are few good solo ads testimonials groups, you can read the testimonials

    before you make a purchase. I used to use a lot of different web to buy solo ads traffic.

    But facebook groups is my favourite
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      Hey Mabu, can you share the name of the group? Most of these groups just selling bot traffic with fake testimonials, if you interested I can share the names of these vendors(I just don't want to be scammed again)
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    That's up to you to find out. What I mean is what is good for me might not match your needs. Best way is to go to sites like udimi and start your research and even use places like google. Use the google keyword planner tool and look for high traffic keywords in your market/niche and plug that into google search and start going down the results and look to see if that website master offers advertising or some sorts.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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  • Very difficult to find good solo ads providers in Facebook groups.
    Stick with Udimi & Clickonomy ( Before purchasing any clicks read the testimonials and ask few question to the seller regarding your niche )

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    Try solo ads x and igor.
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    I highly recommend you to give a try with Udimi or Clickonomy. It's great place to find some solo ads provider.
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    Look on Facebook groups, Udimi or the classified ad section on this forum have tons.
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    I tried Clixli as well but still didn't get expected results
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    Problem with Udimi to pick the right seller it's hit and miss for me,
    I used Igor K. and Danny White with good results but both of them a little bit pricy.

    Have anyone promoted Yoonla before?
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    Search solo ads testimonials.

    Here are a few vendors I've had pretty good success with:

    Kevin Teo
    Sarah Chew
    Taf Ahad
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    Are they on warrior forum? I didn't find them here and sick and tired of facebook group scams
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    I have this. While it is an older list and some of the vendors are no longer selling solo's many are still active.

    [not affiliate link]


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    You Can Find some goods on Udimi and Clickonomy but follow the right search and filters for feedback s Also find Igor Kheifets - Also Charlie PAge with Directory of Ezines is a great resources
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  • I have to say, that contrary to some others on here, I find the Solo Ad Testimonial groups on FB are the best place to look as you are judging on results.

    In addition to that, I find that a focus on sales rather than just conversion rates is also a good way of identifying good providers. Just search for 'sales' in the various testimonial groups.

    If you look out for Solo Ad Insider on Warriorplus, it is really good training from an ex-solo ad seller. He gives the inside view of the solo ad industry.

    In addition, I have recently had good results from Adam Fravel (you will be able to find details about him and his results within the FB Testimonial groups)
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    You can find many good sellers inside the WarriorForum -
    Best Quality Solo Ads:
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    Along with good solo ad vendor you also need to have a good converting offer and landing page. Check for good quality vendor.

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    I agree Udimi is a good place to start for beginners
    SOLO AD TRAFFIC Provider for over 6 Years - Get targeted traffic to your offer from my privately built email lists. I have niches in Internet Marketing, Make-Money-Online, Biz-Op, Crytocurrencies, MLM, Health/ Weight-Loss/ Fitness/ Anti-Aging, Travel, Pets and more!
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    I also recommend to use UDIMI for the beginners. It is a very great place.
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      Originally Posted by Samsungtab View Post

      I also recommend to use UDIMI for the beginners. It is a very great place.
      Ohh guys did you ever got good results with UDIMI?
      The last campaign I got 9 leads ONLY from 100 clicks (average 30%) and when I asked for a refund seller said go **** yourself and UDIMI protected.

      So if you have someone trusted let me know
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    Try Igor Kheifits the biggest in the world. He is expensive just do a search for Igor solo ads. or Igor Kheifits You will find. him. Hope helps
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    Igor is my choice for a good solo ads. You can give a try for this.
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    This is a very good site for solo ads: But be careful of solo ads. You generally need a very big budget if you want to see results. If you're a newbies starting out, I wouldn't waste the money on 100 clicks a week or whatever your budget is. Find a free traffic source that resonates with you and build up an audience on there. People will start to like and trust you more with that than with solo ads, because solo ads is very cold traffic and the people have no idea who you are.
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    I hear the name of "Kevin Teo" & I think. Kevin Teo is good to go, So you can try with Kevin Teo.
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    Facebook is the best place to find good solo ads.
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    Basically Facebook Solo Ads groups and Udimi. The safest of these two is Udimi
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    Warrior Forum
    James Whelan Agency
    BMI Elite
    These are the best 5 places where you can buy solo ads.
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    You can find The best solo ads providers in facebook groups.
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    When you are searching for solo ad provider be careful. There is a lot of sharks there, who will just take your money. They they will even send you some traffic, and you will get also leads, but in fact they send you just face traffic...
    So watch out, as first check his Facebook profile, if he is a real person. He need to have pictures of himself from his real life. Usually scammers have only one or two pictures, sometimes also nice and attractive lady.... Red flag...
    Also check testimonials. The real solo ads vendor have lot of testimonials for different customers.
    Also check if they have video testimonials. Video testimonial can't be fake...
    They also need to have proven track of sales. This is very important, not just testimonial from some
    unknown person, but from persons who are also leaders in industry...
    Avoid getting traffic that is priced way below the market!
    Next thing, purchase from vendors who assist you with your squeeze or sales funnels.
    Vendors who intend to run a long term sustainable business & truly wants you to profit from solo ads will make the effort to assist you optimize your squeeze pages

    Avoid dealing with vendors who just take your money and offers zero advice on your funnel pages.
    Vendors who offer different services are real and they know their stuff....
    Bear in mind you are creating & building long term partnerships with them so choose wisely.
    Once you've managed to find vendors that fulfills the above requirements, the likelihood of you being scammed is GREATLY reduced & minimized!
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  • You can check udimi. Clickonomy is now closed for new members so you can't buy clicks from them.
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      Originally Posted by Erica777 View Post

      I found some sellers who provide a guarantee once they see your offer, so I stick to those vendors.
      Hey Erica please pm me with the names
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    A solo ad is when you rent other people's email lists for a fixed fee for a single ad run.
    It's an affiliate-friendly traffic strategy that allows marketers to drive targeted traffic to any link really fast without having to worry about any rules, regulations or terms
    WarriorForum, Arcamax, These two are the best place for buying solo ads.
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    Actually - just try to find solo ads provider who cares about you and give some extra value like checking your sales funnel and offers before they send you solo ad traffic and clicks. Talk to provider - become friends and you will be fine.

    Get Free Access to FROM ZERO TO $100 PER DAY Funnel and Marketing System Now

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    Not All Solo Ads or providers are built the same. Very much depends on the list, media buys and how often new subscribers are added. Even when talking about UDIMI it must be mentioned that there are tons of providers there with different traffic sources.

    I would also like to state that tracking your solo ad clicks is a key move here. Some Solo ad vendors provide that data as well.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tit Loaz
    One of the best solo ads that I know provides traffic for a lot of other vendors and he is a master for traffic. He also gives a free training to use his traffic to earn money with selected offers. I even sold high ticket offer from his traffic recently.
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      Originally Posted by Tit Loaz View Post

      One of the best solo ads that I know provides traffic for a lot of other vendors and he is a master for traffic. He also gives a free training to use his traffic to earn money with selected offers. I even sold high ticket offer from his traffic recently.
      Would you like to share his name?
      LeadsPlusData.Com | PM For Skype, Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, And More....
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  • Below is a list of the best solo ads vendors which we've compiled based on our research on their effectiveness, pricing, and reliability (note: the price per 100 clicks is an average we estimated from the price list currently showed in their site):

    Andreea Carol
    100 clicks - $50

    Angelo Sayson
    100 clicks - $48

    Bill Barrett
    100clicks - $65

    Brandon Shelton
    100 clicks - $55

    Chris Fuchs
    100 clicks - $50

    Colin Meunier
    100 clicks - $55

    Colm Wynne
    100 clicks - $ 40

    Danny Tang
    100 clicks - $44

    David Hyatt
    100 clicks - $65

    Dennis Pippin
    100 clicks - $55

    Domas G
    100 clicks - $50

    Dr. Bruce Rae
    100 clicks - $50

    Emilis Strimaitis
    100 clicks - $89

    Eyal Mizrachi
    100 clicks - $39

    Gail Richardson
    100 clicks - $45

    Gary Baker
    100 clicks - $50

    Itamar Blumenfeld
    100 clicks - $55

    Igor Kheifets
    100 clicks - $109

    Joni Leung
    100 clicks - $50

    Joseph Latham
    100 clicks - $50

    Josh Adlesperger
    100 clicks - $55

    JP Bailey
    100 clicks - 55$

    J.R. Quarles
    100 clicks - $42

    Kalle Viidik
    100 clicks - $45

    Kenneth Kraakstad
    100 clicks - $60

    Kirill Vasilyev
    100 clicks - $60

    Liviu Ungureanu
    100 clicks - $0.49

    Lucas Cepeda
    100 clicks - $40

    Nate Holland
    100 clicks - $40

    Paul De Sousa
    100 clicks - $50

    Phil Springer
    100 clicks - $90

    Phillip P. Brewer
    100 clicks - $40

    Prashant Sharma
    100 clicks - $49

    Rodger Hyatt
    100 clicks - $70

    Ryan and Brian
    100 clicks - $52

    Tony Anwar
    100 clicks - $60

    Zeid Makkawi
    100 clicks - $40

    I hope this list helps you find the best solo ads vendors for your campaigns and attain better conversions. Let me know what you think about the list.
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    i always buy solo ads from facebook groups but you have to be careful a lot of scammers there!! test first and then purchase.
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    I work with Danny White and Igor Kheifets for 2 years now
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    I tried Udimi twice. 1st time response was not good but full money was refunded to me. Next time result was good. I can recommend you to try there.

    Video tutorials on YouTube & Forum Marketing for free

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    There is an 11 step professional sales letter process that helps close a deal in one ad. Type out one of these out and copy and paste on Facebook groups, Craigslist, Classified Ads, etc
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