Email List Vs Telegram Group (or similar)

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Is anyone using a Telegram group or similar to get potential customers?

Emails have to be opened and read while a Telegram group would offer more engagement as people have more direct contact with you. You can also answer any of their questions.

What are your opinions on this?
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    I don't have one but Telagram does:

    As a general rule, people do mind getting unsolicited advertisements, links, invite links to groups or channels, random photos and, above all, anything related to commerce or online popularity. If you send them something like this, you will be blocked -- and everybody else will be happy.

    Moderators are more lenient when it comes to messages in groups, but anyone who sends spam or unsolicited advertisements will be limited.
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      The Telegram Group would be my own group.
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    email list is also known as Email outreach.

    According to me, email outreach is more effective than telegram group.
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    I do no about telegram
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