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by Hitcho
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Hi there,
I'm looking for a free software in order to send bulk cold emails (mainly meeting requests) without being blacklisted. Any suggestions?
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    Mailchimp - A good platform for mailing but is free for 60%
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      Originally Posted by Lana2303 View Post

      Mailchimp - A good platform for mailing but is free for 60%
      no, mailchimp not good for cold email you can use stuff like sendy or sendgrid
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    Yeah. Amazonses is pretty good at that.

    And it's not free but it's cheap. about $1 for 1000 emails send away

    And you can send up to 50.000 emails per day or email more if you request
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    Isn't there some fine line between a cold e-mail and a spam? Where do we draw this line?
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      @JasonTheFreeman you're 100% correct.
      While B2B emails within the USA and many places are often allowed... it's not always welcome, and the complaints can get you into trouble.

      Still... the reason people are still doing it is... it bloody works. You just have to have the right contacts AND above all else have the right warming content/plan in place to hit them.

      We grow and monetize email lists and build custom email servers too.

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  • What about Freshmail? Any experiences?
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    The question itself id put up in a wrong way.

    Is there any free software to send bulk emails?

    Sending cold emails without being blacklisted?
    well this will depend on the list and the quality of the content.

    To make money you ned to spend money. No point if you send emails and they land into spam, right?
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  • I think Mail Chip and Send Grid are the two best software for mass mailing. I have practical experience about Mail Chip and its working fine.
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