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I am creating a Facebook Lead Ad, in which users enter their email in exchange for an eBook.

Once they enter their email, they will enter my Drip account, and a workflow sends them an email. I am stuck on the part of sending them a link to the eBook.

My question is, how can I link this eBook? I have a Wordpress site, can I use this, or is there any other tools out there? I know I can do it with tools like InfusionSoft, but at this stage I would prefer not to have a paid tool.

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    yes you can upload the eBook to word press. they will give you a link you can share to your email.

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    Why did not you upload youe ebook to google drive.

    Google drive gonna help you turn your ebook into a link.

    With that link, you can eaily to send it to your prospects

    No matter which way you want. You can put it via wordpress site, or using hyperlink...

    Hope this help!
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    Place it on Facebook or on your WordPress website. Up to you what methods you do.

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    Upload it to and host it as media on your website, just like you would an image. Same process.
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    That would be pretty simple, you can set up a script which says thank you for downloading and would send the link to the ebook from . drive or server.

    So not only the validation is taken care of but also the process is seamless.
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    Upload it to your hosting and then put a link to it on your thank you page for them to download.

    You could also send the link via email using an autoresponder.

    I personally use an autoresponder and don't include the link on the thank you page. This is because I use single opt-in and by delivering it to the email address they submit deters entering a fake email to subscribe with.
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    You Can upload it to your server then put a direct link to it
    it will open directly in the browser.
    or if you have a Facebook group , you can put it in the Files Section
    and then link to it
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    Thanks All. I've simply uploaded the eBook as media to my Wordpress site, and used the link from that.
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