Is this dumb? Just asking my members what they want?

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So as some of you may know I have a website where I release free SEO and internet marketing tools. I've been building up my tool set with tools I hope people will genuinely find useful over the last year. I'm now getting about 100 double opt ins a day and my email list is not far off 10k people. I want to start monetizing but I don't want to be one of those seedy IM guys that just blasts his list with utter shit GET RICH NOW etc etc.

I want to continue helping people because that's how I believe white hat businesses grow naturally.

I have some ideas about what to send. Thinking of making some quality info products and maybe some upgraded versions of my free tools but to be honest I'm not 100% sure.

So...I'm thinking of just emailing my list/members and asking them. So, ask them to click several options about what they need or just fill out a form E.g.

More traffic
More links
Social training
Best affiliate programs etc etc

Is this a dumb idea?
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    you are a SEO person. So I am sure there are some paid tools you use. And, I would bet that most of them have affiliate programs. why not promote them.

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    Hi Jamie,

    you're right - finding out what people want is the best marketing strategy.

    You save yourself time and money and you pinpoint exactly what your customers want - then you find it or produce it for them.

    Its a win win for both you and your subscribers.

    Hope you do well.

    Best Regards
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