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Hi Guys, Newbie here so if I am asking something that has been covered please point me in the right direction.

I have only just taken over the coordination of eDMS in my company and am learning as I go. When it comes to sending larger sends I was told to break them up into sends of less than 100k (our database is over 800k) as it will minimise complaints and issues with blacklisting. Is there any merit to this? It is more time consuming to set up and to do reporting so I would like to avoid it if it is unneccesary.

We have a good reputation that we have built up over time, but were recently suspended from sending to Microsoft due to their SRD considering us spam (even though we had no complaints from Microsoft users).

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    Hey Jodie,

    Here's the best answer I can give though:

    #1. It's not about the size of the lists so much as the speed of your sending. You can warm up to over a million a day, once you're warmed up... you can keep sending a million or more a day if the ESP's of the world (mainly Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail and the smaller guys) are used to seeing that volume from you.

    #2. Gmail (most lists these days are 60% gmail or more) is very picky about engagement of lists. High engagement and you could mail 500k in a day and they wouldn't care, low engagement and you'll start hitting the spam box regularly.

    #3. If you're not sure how to breakup your list into segments... Your first segments shouldn't just be your main list in chunks. It should be your engagers (openers/clickers), then the rest. Mail your openers and clickers, then mail 100k of dormants and that should help you reach MORE inboxes than if you just mailed them all together with no notice to the numbers.

    We grow and monetize email lists and build custom email servers too.

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