6K US Email who already purchased something? what to do?

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I have 6k email with there name. They all are US shoppers who brought US items recently. I am confused how to sale them something and make some profit. Any help appreciated...
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    My advice would be to email them related to anything but that should not include your affiliate link or anything that seems like that you're trying to sell them.

    Compile some informative articles that you feel majority of your subscribers would prefer to read and then email them.

    This is strengthening relationships. Engage with your list so that the level of trust is developed.

    It will help in making future multiple sales.
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    I have the same situation. 10k email list of people who have bought health products in Philippines.
    Since i dont have a relationship with the people in the list, i was planning to make a 4 page blog, with 1 product review and 3 quality/value information pages.
    Make 3 email blasts for 3 weeks (1 per week) with a link to the information pages. And on the 4th week, publish my product review and email blast with a link to it.
    What do you think, would that be enough to gain some trust or should suggest more steps?
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      If you have emails you can import them into FB, it will pair them with their accounts as an audience and then you can target them through ads as well. Of course, you will need Facebook Business Manager & advertising budget to bring them to your website.
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        Yea, thats a good idea to use them as an custom audience! Plus I can use them as a look-a-like and promote an Optin directly to similar users!
        Thanks for that!
        My question was more like if my email strategy is correct? Is it a good idea to combine the email with a small blog, so I make small emails pointing to the blog, or dont use a blog, write longer emails and point them to the aff offer....
        If i go with the blog, is 3 info pages enough before I offer a product?
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          In my honest opinion I think that launching own site is a good idea as you can install Facebook Pixel & AdWords remarketing codes and work further with the audience -
          for example reach to them when a new blog post is out. Not everybody will open your email but your chances are higher if they see your ad also on other channels.

          However I would recommend to not fall asleep and build a strong content strategy, not leaving the domain to 3 info pages and 1 product review. But 1000 people means 1000 opinions, so do not take my words without taking others into consideration.

          We usually use just short but catchy emails as nobody wants to read long emails and it works just great.
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